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Seattle Meet Saturday Sept, 7

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    This guy can pull a rabbit out of a hat when it comes to putting a budget rig together. They always sound amazing.
  2. ruthieandjohn
    Here is what I plan to bring...

    Planned Equipment Seattle.png

    Here is why I am bringing each item:
    • Ultrasone Edition 10: After Tyll Hertsen's video review here (picture below), I HAD to get these. They have become one of my favorite headphones. You may never have heard them, but now you can!
    • Tyll.jpg
    • Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium: Praised by many experienced head-fiers, for example Skylab, here, saying that (in 2010) they were the Best production closed headphones - it is the best of my closed HPs (which include the Fostex TH900 & Sony Z7);
    • Grado RS2e: One of my favorite on-ear Grados (along with the limited-edition GH2), and viewed likewise by most Grado fans - if you have wondered, "What is Grado?" these say, "This is Grado." (Full disclosure - I am a Grado nut, with over 20 pairs! See photo below - the headphones at the front are the rare and valuable HP1000/HP1, originally designed by Joseph Grado on his way to inventing his Holographic Scalera Array of microphones, in 1990, starting the Grado headphone line).
    • Shure 846SE tips: So I can try the Shure SE846 IEMs being brought by @joshnor713 without concern of messing up his tips
    • Sony NW-WM1A: By request of @joshnor713 , and because I wish to compare to the NW-WM1Z being brought by @Wooglish ;
    • Lotoo PAW Gold: One of the DAPs originally "discovered" by the head-fi thread originator @pekingduck of the thread "Obscure Chinese DAPs" , in May, 2014, and has since become one of the top of all DAPs, right up there with the Sony 1Z and the A&K's (a new version, the Touch, adds a touch screen and streaming).
    • Fiio X5ii: My favorite FiiO DAP for when I do not need WiFi/streaming - starts fast and has great battery life
    • FiiO X5iii: The FiiO X5ii's third generation, with touch screen, WiFi/streaming, Android operating system, and either POOOOR battery life (in sleep mode) or LOOOONG startup time (if switched off completely - lots of Android bloatware in there) - this is for @Soundsgoodtome to serve as a source for his system;
    • AKG K3003i: My favorite IEMs, above the Sennheiser IE800, FiiO FH5, Sony XBA-Z5, Final Audio Design Heaven VIII, and others. Curious as to how they will compare to the Shure SE846 that joshnor713 is bringing and the Sony IER-Z1R that may be there.
    Also as shown in the picture, I have various cases and the like. I have checked that these all fit into the backpack (along with a plug strip, more for use by others, as I have no need) and that all electronics are charged, and will be arriving via the Seattle ferry from Bainbridge Island.

    Oh, yes... here is my collection of Grados:

    Grados Galore.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  3. joshnor713
    Awesome, you got it. I'll be there :)
  4. dave r
    Glad that you'll be coming -- the intervention can take place as planned! :ksc75smile:
  5. joshnor713
    FYI, I'm selling my Senn MTW. Not sure if anyone was interested in listening to them, but thought I'd say I won't have them anymore in case.
  6. gefski
    How about the GS2000e? I've only listened to the 1000 and it's been a while.
  7. mahesvara
    Just in case anyone is interested in buying my WM1Z and TA-ZH1ES , lemme know and if you agree to buy, I'lll bring them to the meet for you. Will also give you special pricing because I won't have to ship them.
  8. ruthieandjohn
    OK, I have added the GS2000e. I may have to dispense with the plug strip to fit (none of my stuff needs it). but so far looks like I don’t have to shed any audio components.
  9. gulag_me
    I'd also love to hear those. Ever since Anole VX failed to scratch my bass itch the first time I heard them I've been curious about the Z1R.
  10. gulag_me
    I'd like to hear those. I hear people talking about the 5-series all the time but I have no idea how they are.
  11. ruthieandjohn
    Yike! In adding the Grado GS2000e, I stuffed my carrying case to capacity...no more room. Sorry. I recall @Ham Sandwich had an HD 580 he could bring. Right?
  12. antdroid
    Hi Folks,

    I just picked up the latest AKG K371. I'll bring those along with me tomorrow along with some of these items:

    A&K SR15 A&Norma DAP
    RME ADI-2 DAC (maybe)
    Massdrop THX 789 (maybe)

    ZMF Verite Mahogany
    ZMF Aeolus Ziricote (maybe)
    AKG K371
    Hifiman HE560/Sennheiser HD600 (only if requested by tomorrow morning)

    qdc Anole VX

    many flavors of the month including:
    Moondrop Kanas Pro & KXXS
    TFZ No 3
    a dozen other IEMs

    Samsung Galaxy Buds & Massdrop x NuForce Move

    Power Strip
    a hundred or so iem tips
    and iem foams for all.
  13. Ham Sandwich
    I've got an HD580. They were my first good headphones.
    I'm in the process of organizing the boxes and stuff that I'm bringing. The HD580 are in there.
    I'll be driving up from the Portland area in the morning. With luck my alarm and favorable weekend traffic will get me there on time.

    I've also decided to bring both my Liquid Fire and Liquid Glass amps. Cause I like them both and like hearing different headphones through each of them.
  14. gefski
    Thanks, looking forward to it!

    I'll have some Senns, including the 600 you asked about.
    I am packed up. We can do cable shootouts and headphone shootouts with the amp and DAC I am bringing. And then the cables...... You guys know I have cables. Bringing the HD660’s and HD800’s cabled up. This is Gabezilla’s 1st meet he is auditioning gear. He will bring his skullcandies. And he will tell you why lol. Try to sell him on Senns.... Double dog dare you..... He will say Sennheisers are for old people ....
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