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Seattle Meet Off the Chain 9/7

  1. FDKevin
    WOW. that's a great turn out. Couldn't make it until 2ish, was worried about people already left by the time I get there. Looks like that wasn't the case at all!! will definitely try to make it next time.
  2. atomicbob
    First, many thanks to @BIG POPPA for organizing yet another successful meet.

    One of the changes that has occurred over time is the rather large increase in synergistic systems appearing at the meet. I could easily sit at a system and settle in (wishing micro-brew or glass of red in hand) and just melt into the auditory bliss presented by each system. Another incredibly useful purpose of the meet is cross pollination of music and ideas.

    @Muziqboy system sets the standard; the reference for what is possible. Many systems have stepped up their games given a reference demonstration.
    @johnjen two DIY transformer coupled vintage tube amps also demonstrate enormous potential for what is possible without capacitors in the path.
    @dave r - René Jaeger designed DIY amp had a gorgeous tone, though the custom 1 of a kind transformers probably had plenty to do with that.
    @Soundsgoodtome with Chord Hugo, ZDT Jr and Focal Stellia made for mind boggling vocals in a closed back listening space, very appreciated during the meet.
    @gefski hot-transported yggdrasil + hot-rodded WA6 always brings a smile to my listening session.
    @Hammy - the Gungnir MB + Cavalli Liquid Glass and HD650 was another system in which one could get lost for a long time - and I did. What a library of music was available. Need to get @Hammy on a Dante system and route ethernet around the meet to other Dante users, of which there were many at this meet.

    All the tube or tube hybrid systems shared an important trait of magic midrange, which is very high on my listening preference profile.
  3. Kurt Powell
    Thanks for the opportunity to show our new amps! Was a ton of fun to meet with you all.
  4. dave r
    Both "Lucia" and "Aenor" amps were clear and detailed. I especially liked the sound of the Aenor amp with my HD600's. Thanks for bringing them both.
  5. johnjen
    So is anyone who attended the meet, missing a tube?
    One was found, he who can identify it, can reclaim it.

  6. gefski
    Might as well go for big $. USAF 596 rectifier! :ksc75smile:
  7. johnjen
    As in, go big or go home?

    BZZZZZT, I'm sorry that wasn't in the form of a question…
    er, no wait, wrong game show…

  8. gefski
    We left town right after the meet so I'm a bit late here, but wanted to post about some of the standouts for me.

    Thanks @BIG POPPA for another great gathering; have been enjoying them ever since the Frye meet!

    Chuck's Meze Empyrean is seemingly without faults. Top to bottom balance, natural presentation in space, could listen for hours. As good or better than the Utopias I've spent some time with? Who knows?

    Stellia's isolation in the noisy room when popping them on and off my head was shocking. Then to top it off, they deliver all the goods sonically.

    Had fun comparing @Ham Sandwich's LCD2 and Classic. Also really was glad to finally hear a Nighthawk. A bit of midrange funkiness I couldn't figure out, but the hate these cans have inspired is hard to understand.

    Like @atomicbob, @Soundsgoodtome traveled light, yet set up a great rig, with Hugo & EC Jr. I could learn from these guys to take a load off my back, yet still sink into the music.

    @Muziqboy's totally transparent rig needs a center brace under those library tables. No wonder it's a "dangerous" dac.

    @johnjen's amps were beeeaauutiful, with the PurpAmp's off-center personality just oddball enough for me. The PurpAmp's music presentation was decidedly NOT off-center though; music and nothing, I'd say. In retrospect, wish I'd tried the Stellia's over there.

    Thanks to @ruthieandjohn for the return to the Grado GS world.

    I enjoyed being next door and chatting with @dave r. Another DIYer building really nice stuff.

    And thanks to the couple that gave me my first listen to Aeon Flow -- comfy, neutral, and nice soundstage for a closed can. Thanks also for turning me on to Phronesis (the trio, not the "other" Phronesis)!
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
  9. joshnor713
    Any word on another Seattle meet?
    it will post on FB first but yeah, January is what we are shooting for.

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