Seattle/Eastside minimeet, anyone?
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If the meet was on a Sunday near Seattle/Bellevue that would be awesome.
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Everyone talks about wanting to do it, but nobody's willing to volunteer a location
. Unfortunately I can't either.
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Originally Posted by shimage
I would offer up my condo as a venue, except that ... well, it's a condo. It'd be big enough for a mini-meet (< 10 people), but no more than that. Not very exciting.


Originally Posted by fewtch
Everyone talks about wanting to do it, but nobody's willing to volunteer a location

Shimage, is your offer still good?
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Whatever happens, if it happens soon will be a squeeze as I'm moving in less than a month to a new house, I'm behind on three projects at work and finding gime to do anything except work is getting more difficult. If there is to be a meet though, I will try my hardest to make it.
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If ya'll willing to drive 3.5 hours east to Pasco I could put up my place for a meeting location.
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Have never been to a Head-Fi meet, would love to come to one near Seattle.

So even though I can't host, I'd love to see one get organized
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Originally Posted by kilkil
If ya'll willing to drive 3.5 hours east to Pasco I could put up my place for a meeting location.

I wouldn't be able to make it myself... even if there's a Greyhound going out there (likely) it wouldn't be worth it for a mini-meet.

I'm sort of tossing around the idea of offering my place to host, except I'd need to clean the place from top to bottom... which I don't want to do.
It's really too small as well, unless attendance was kept down to 5 or 6... so it's unlikely to happen.
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i think i'd be up for a meet as well; though like everyone else, don't have a proper place to host. how much would we have to pitch in for that jitters idea?
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Well I'm new here and I've been looking around to find a local meet so I can decide what headphones I want to open up my wallet with. I've been to GuitarCenter and AmericanMusic and stuff with no luck on any Audio Technica cans that I wanted to try, so here I am again looking for some people nearby who would be willing to let me listen around^^

This mini-meet sounds like a good idea, I'll see what I can do for my house, it's pretty large, we could fit 15-20 easily, as for places to set stuff up, it might be a little less capable, but it could work probably!

I live in Bellevue, on the border of Eastgate and Issaquah, about 2.5 miles off of I-90's West Lake Sammamish exit!

I'd love to hear some AT cans and some portable amps there as well! (As I'm in the market for both!)

Who's still interested? I'd like a count! I'm very sure I can do this!

~Tyler. (Noob-fi.)
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OMG! An actual venue! I'm totally down for crashing someone's house over the coffee shop deal
There's a pretty good chance I could make a meet as long as it's on a Sunday. Woot!
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Sunday June 4th sound good? Tentatively of course?
I'm busy every weekend up until then pretty much with school stuff and other previous plans, but that weekend is free up so that'll be good for me and hopefully others!

17141 SE 58th ST
Bellevue WA, 98006

Big house, 4 white pillars on the front porch, on your left as you drive up the hill.

Pretty easy to find and exit from.

Time anyone? 2pm ish? I'll have Pizza etc. for people?

Sounding better guys?

I really want to hear some AT cans if I haven't in fact bought my own by then.
Of course bring whatever you want really, I don't have much in the way of hi-fi equipment and I doubt what I do have is any good, mostly consumer reports stuff that my dad picked out for himself etc. He's one of those Bose guys, in fact I have some Sony MDR-V700DJ's and the first thing I read when I came here is that they're crap, and I now agree after listening to Beyer DT770's, ATH-M40f's, AKG K171's, K240S's, and K27i's at stores around here in my search for the perfect headphone for myself!

~Tyler. (Noob-fi.)

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