Searching for the best headphones under 150$
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Feb 18, 2020
Hi guys!
First of all a bit info about myself. I'm 18, living in Hungary, gonna graduate this year in June and i planning to study at Pannon Egyetem (Veszprém). I travel day by day 2*20kms to school by bus so i'm bored during that 2*40+ min. My last headphone was very cheap, wired, and now almost dead. So i spared 150$ for a new one, and want to buy a wireless one. But there are too much brands and products you can choose and most of them overpriced or it's quality (song, material) not the best. I rely on this community, please help me out, i really don't know what to choose :D.

I'm looking for the best wireless headphone you can get under 150$ (this is the limit).
I have asked reddit what's their opinion about:
- Beats Audio Solo3 Wireless Club Collection
- House of Marley Liberate Air
They said lack of bass, overpriced, forget those brands. But when i asked what they recommend i got almost 0 reply.
But one was kind, he suggested me Marshall products. I don't know anything about that brand but found Marshall Monitor Bluetooth (132eur) and Marshall Mid ANC Bluetooth (134eur) on german ebay and they look pretty cool. But do they sound aswell as they look? Do
you recommend it? Which is the best of these?

And i would like to ask you to suggest me the best wireless headphones under 150$. Oh yea in case i can get it under 150 from ebay not brand new, just open-boxed that doesn't matter. Then list those please too. But please search on german ebay, else i need to pay a big (27%) fee when they enter to my country. The most important: I would like to use for as long as i can, and i gonna use headphone through travel so it will be my outfit a bit aswell. So if there a headphone that not the best but looks very great don't forget to mention it please c:

Thanks for reading my post and sorry for any gramatic mistake, greetings from Hungary :D
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Update: Now Sennheiser's HD4.40BT and HD4.50BTNC were suggested. I'm very confused, please help me out.

I don't really like it's design btw. It looks like nothing special and big. In case you suggest it aswell, then i order that. I wanna hear your opinion and suggestion, i don't what a good headphone likes, and how to find it.
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My two cents, stick to wired headphones, get the best audio quality possible, for the budget.
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Personally, ATH M40X for over-ear or Shure SE215s for iems are both great choices. If you want more bass, M50X or V-Moda XS. V-Modas retail in the EU for around 180, while M50x will set you back about 120 Euros. I remember the SE215s being about 150 pounds in the UK, but I'm not sure if they have retail centers in Hungary.

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