Searching for lightweight headphones and BT adapter with controls..
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May 13, 2013
The title says it all, some years ago I had Sennheiser PX-100 in white, and loved them very much, but didn't have much listening time, as I'm more into speakers, then a headphones, so eventually I sold them because of that. As for today, I'm again into search, as I discover new stuff pretty fast, and want to listen on the go, what I want is, as much as possible lightweight headphones, preferable one sided cable, maybe with inline controls, but that work with android devices, I'm only interested in headphones, no earphones, or IEM, and for sure not full size headphones, as again I want them as much as light and comfortable headphones can be.
I remember that PX-100 was really comfy and they sounded so good, like orgasma for my ears, my only problem was, 2 sided cable, and afraid to destroy it, every time I put them in the case, they bundled with, now seems the new model fixed that, and has a better build quality, and sounds even better, when I tried some models back then in DJ equipment shop, I wanted the PX200, but lucky me, the salesman gave me the PX100 to hear, and WOW, I was speechless, the PX200 was nothing to compare (in the bad way), but dunno how the new model in terms of stage and bass? as for bluetooth adapter, I think I'll go for HS3000 by Samsung, I just get annoyed every time I want to change a track, I need to get my device from the pocket or my bag, and show off to people around, it has good review in most places, and has good clip to clip it to pants or a shirt. 
My equipment for now :
Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 by Samsung
Nexus 7 3G ME370TG by Asus
I mostly need it for my smartphone, then the tablet, but outside I need the wireless solution in anyway, as the tablet most of the time stay home for my manga and reading need.
Any other recommendations are wellcome :)

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