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Searching for good IEM

  1. Stfr1908
    Hi people,
    I'm searching for good IEM's. My budget is 160 euro max. I listen mostly to Electronic dance music, like Trance, Hardstyle. Now I have the Bose in ear, good earphones. But I want something that is
    In my top 2 are standing the Shure E315 and the Dr Dre Beats tour talk. I doubt a little bit because I read good reviews and bad reviews.
    What In ears do you people recommend me for 160 Euro max.?
    greetings Stephan
  2. ostewart
    SE215 is pretty good for your taste, hisound wooduo 2 or DUNU DN-19
  3. Seekky
  4. Stfr1908
    Thanks for the response!
  5. Stfr1908
    I first bought the Bowers & Wilkins C5. But for my taste it wasn't very nice. The bass was too soft for the kind of music I listen to. I do have the C5 tough and I sell them cause I can't get back in the shop.
  6. Stfr1908
    For now I have bought the Monster Turbine Pro and I like them really nice earphones! very good bass

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