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Searching For A Cable: MMCX/3-button Remote

  1. tidalwav1
    I'm looking for a cable with the following specs:
    • Lightweight, braided, high-gauge wire, for portable use/to reduce microphonics
    • Termination: 3.5mm TRRS plug / 3-button inline remote
    • MMCX connectors
    • No earhooks/memory wire
    ALO Audio's Litz Cable is the cable I've found that is closest to meeting these specs, but the cable comes with memory wire earhooks which I'm not a fan of.

    I have found a few ready-made cables that almost meet these specs, but most of the ones I've found have molded or memory wire earhooks. I have looked around at several makers of custom cables, and almost nobody seems to make custom cables with 3-button inline remotes.

    I even looked into getting parts to just make my own cable, but the only 3-button inline remote I've found that looks like it's explicitly for DIY projects is this one from EachDIY. I thought there would be more options for a DIY inline remote than just that one, and I'm not sure how well splicing another cable's remote into a custom cable would go. Maybe I'm not searching for the right things on AliExpress. :)

    Does anyone have any recommendations for cables (ready-made or custom) that meet these specs?

  2. dairy
    Sounds like the cable that come with the Campfire Comet would fit your requirements exactly. Not sure if Campfire sells the cable separately, but might be worth emailing them.
  3. tidalwav1
    Good suggestion! Somehow I missed that on ALO's site. (ALO and Campfire are sibling companies.) It looks like Comets ship with the 3-button mic version of ALO's Pure Copper Litz cable, which does call out "No Memory wire" (the other versions of that same cable don't have that callout.) Interestingly, the pictures on ALO's site all show a plastic sleeve near the connectors (earhook-like material), while the picture on Campfire's site does not. I'll contact ALO for clarification.


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