searching a Stax SR-L700 to trade with my stax 007
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Aug 28, 2008
burgundy, france
Hello. I would like to trade my stax 007 mkII, black version, in very good condition, with the stax SR L 700 ( no other trade, please).
the only "issue" are a few yellowish stains in the foam of the box.
As for many stax, I happened ( three or four times in two years of owning it ) to hear shortly, and not repeatedly, the "stax fart", which is a normal noise that happens because of the membrane charging, and is not a problem. But I prefer to say it than to let a buyer be surprised if he hears that someday. You can read explainations about that on the net, to be sure, if you want to. and probably here on head fi.
the reason of this trade is that I am a headphones ( and especially stax) collector, and I would like to try the l700, that, if I am not mistaking, will more suit my will, and the use I make of headphones ( I am a sound engineer)
there is no imbalance in my 007.
please propose me your LR 700 in the same condition, adding from your part an amount of 300 euros to fit the price difference between the two, and we'll make the deal.
I am located in france, burgundy, and can ship anywhere, with no charge if you ask no charge for your sending.
Of course, if you are near me, you can come and try the 007, with pleasure.
thank you for reading.

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