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Originally Posted by vafan13
Just run dual 250s on RAID. RAID = awesome.

Man i have to try that out one of these days and see how it performs.I get the feeling any cash that could go into that will only be put into IC's,Tubes ect..
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Unless you're running a server, RAID is a waste of time, and isn't worth the headache involved. The only RAID mode which gives a speed increase is RAID 0, which uses data striping (split between the drives) with no fault tolerance or redundancy. Ironically this mode is never used in servers, because it is the opposite of what they are trying to achieve. Splitting the data between 2 drives doubles your chances of drive failure. If one of the drives goes down, all your data is lost.

RAID 0 = Slightly faster, not worth the headache.
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I agree that RAID is simply an unnecessary complicaion, and in the case of RAID 0 the risks outway the benefits IMO.
There was a long debate thread about this a few months back you may find with a search here if you desire more info and other opinions on this.

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