Seagate 300GB, 16 MB buffer HD - $90 shipped (NO REBATE!)
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Jan 8, 2005

Outpost has the best deal I've ever seen on an internal hard drive this week. I just recently purchased this same hard drive from them, but I got it for $90 plus shipping after a $50 rebate (and I still think that was a great deal.) The 16 MB buffer is something that is beginning to become the standard in full-size HDs. Only one per customer though. Besides maybe Samsung, Seagate has the quietest hard drives around, and their warranty is great too. Outpost is a very reputable seller (the online site for Fry's Electronics.) I'm almost thinking of biting again, upping my total storage to 760 GB. Won't have any excuse for not ripping to FLAC again!

Just thought you'd all like to know. Sorry for sounding like an advertisement, I was just floored when I saw that price.
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This is very weird. I tried that link earlier today and it showed up no problem. Now I try it and I see what you mean about taking you to the homepage but I see the drive in the upper right. But clicking on it does nothing.

Its an awesome deal. Guess they're trying to unload PATAs?
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even though the link goes to the homepage, on the upper right hand corner, you get to see the deal, 90 for a 300 gig seagate, but clicking on the link doesnt take you anywhere

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i wouldnt think online retailers would do such things in the spirit of april fool's, something as simple as this can cost them customers

imo, or maybe they're just evil
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It's possible that it was posted in error. Anyhow, prices on 300GB drives seem to have strangely dropped quite a bit in the past couple weeks. You can now find said 300GB Seagate at Newegg for $110.
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The linked worked at 4:01 PM ET, and I placed my order - but received an email an hour later stating they were out of stock (although I don't believe it, and suspect someone madea pricing error).
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It could possibly be a pricing error, because I ordered one yesterday, and I received an email today notifying me that the hard drive has shipped.
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I originally saw the deal through a weekly e-mail ad that I get from Outpost. It was definitely a real deal at the time (started today, not AFD.) It would seem that they sold out already, hopefully they go back in stock soon. I wanted to think a little more about it before making my total storage over 3/4 of a TB, which seemed a little extreme, but I guess I would've regretted either decision in the end.
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Originally Posted by cannedheat
I must have pulled the trigger too late. No problem - will wait for a 400 GB or 500 GB at a decent price later this year.

Just run dual 250s on RAID. RAID = awesome.
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how did i miss this? i just bought a 120 HD for 75 shipped!
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Originally Posted by Jahn
how did i miss this? i just bought a 120 HD for 75 shipped!

Don't worry Jahn...once the Holiday season rolls around again you can get in line with the rest of us nerds at 4am in the morning outside of BestBuy or something to grab that one-day sale hot deal

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