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SE535 ltd vs Westone 4R vs Sennheiser IE8 vs Earsonic SM3v2

  1. vlad5tefan
    This is my first post, I hope I'm in the right space for this post.
    I would like to upgrade to either one of these IEMs on my next purchase.
    Which is better or best suited for me? I prefer neutral uncoloured sound. I prefers clarity in my audio. Separation might be of concern for me. I would like an IEM that come close to the Mark Levinson Car Audio on the Lexus IS250 (13/14 speakers) for its clarity and audible separation. Correct me if I'm wrong in my words. Still new at these audiophile subject, but it had turned into an obsession for me. Not much of a bass head but I prefers accuracy in the audible or sound.
    SE535 ltd  <--- Not sure where to begin with this one, but demo'd it. Lacked in bass reproduction (not amped during demo).
    Westone 4R  <--- I like the fact that it have 4 BA to begin with, which in my opinion might do the audio separation better (maybe).
    Sennheiser IE8   <--- Bass is great, but felt as if that the SQ is coloured and inaccurate. 
    Earsonic SM3v2  <--- I am intrigued by the review, have not demo'd it yet. Looking forward to it. 
    Looking forward to clarity, sound separation, sound reproduction accuracy, sound quality, and build quality is my aim. Not a basshead nor an airhead.
    Hope someone can help me decide this out. Thanks in advance.
    I absolutely love the IE8, but won't recommend them to you. The iE8s to me are very enjoyable IEMs, but I don't quite think they'll offer you the level of clarity or accuracy you seem to be looking for. I was going to suggest that you check out the Audio Technica CK10, but if you think the Shures are lacking in bass, then most likely you'll think the CK10s bass is anaemic.
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  3. aras
    Look at Westone um3x and Yamaha eph-100 for amazing separation. SM3 is not worth it. Sound is ok but it has horrible build quality. I just bought all three of them and I'm  trying to decide which one to keep. SM3 is definitely going back.
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  4. milford30
    I have the IE8 and W4r, I much prefer my W4r to the IE8, it sounded boring till I got better cables for it, never believed in cables till I tried out some in Hong Kong. I got a friend to try two cables in different occasions without telling him, he can tell the difference even from memory (this was about a week or two apart)
    Demo the SM3 first I guess, since people seem to swear by it, but do keep in mind the W4r can sound better with a better cable.
    The problem with W4r is that it doesn't WOW you if your already coming from some decent iems, from reviews the same goes for SM3, but after a period of listening you begin to like them more
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  5. ostewart
    I would take the Shure, build quality is excellent, and the bass is tight and great, not lacking in my opinion, maybe you just need to get used to the sound
  6. Doc-holliday
    +1 on the W4. They are known for superb instrument separation and neutral sound. Based on your description it is pretty much a no brainer.
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  7. eke2k6
    The Yamaha EPH-100 may be what you need. It definitely has the separation you want, and has better clarity than the IE8, while still retaining great bass production.
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  8. ZARIM
    The Heir Audio 4Ai, UE900, Sony EX1000 are close to what you are looking for in IEMs like great instruments separation, wide soundstage, good punchy bass, very detailed in mids, highs and overall balanced.
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  9. vlad5tefan
    Thanks guys. My current IEM is FA Heaven-S.
    Heaven-S sounded too airy but I don't seem to get the soundstage feel or/and instrument separation. Clear sound but not defined enough. Sound is bright on the highs (70% of the time it is overwhelming) and bass is 'ok', but the mids are kinda dark.
    These replies have somehow eliminated 2 IEMs from the list leaving me with SE535ltd and 4R. The capability to *change the cable* intrigues me a lot but I have no-idea where to begin with and does the cables can be fitted to either 535s and 4R?
    I demo'd the Sony XBA4 and SE425 w/o amps and idk what to say, it sounded underpowered, dark and muddy, but my Heaven-S didn't. I tried it on my Nexus with FLAC files. Do I need to amp IEMs that comes with more than 2 BAs? Since Sony XBA4 have 4-BAs similar to 4Rs. 
    Can BAs be damage due playing heavy bass like those of regular loudspeakers? My brother tested my IEM on a real-deep subwoofer audio test those on Youtube. Cause I'm hearing 'rattles' on bass end on some music genre and the so called 'white noise' all round.
    Another thing, is it common for an IEM to sound louder on the right-side. I think my current IEM is slightly muddy and slightly underpowered on my left piece but bright and airy. I'm hearing that the centre of the soundstage 'sits' on my right-side brain and its kinda annoying. I even went to the clinic to check my ears but doctor said my ears are fine. I recently bought my current IEM, like in 2 months ago and I have read something about the "burn-in" period for IEMs. I used Sennheiser CX300 before upgrading to my current Heaven-S IEM and kinda stuck on these road-to audio quality preferences.
    Mainly, I uses IEM on my phone whiles commuting and on my laptop. I use external USB soundcard on my laptop most of the time.
    I listen mostly to Jpop, dance, house, and occasionally Classics to revitalise and recalibrate my ears to attenuation. 
    "I really wish for an IEM that can reproduce SQ similar to those car stereo, the Bang & Olufsen on Audi's and Mark Levinson on Lexus."
  10. vik1980
    love your signature
  11. vik1980
    love your signature :wink:
  12. Doc-holliday

    Thanks... The 2nd Tombstone fan i've run into today. Take care.
  13. JohnSantana
    as for myself, I prefer to use Westone W4(R) since it can produce the 99% almost like a real sound.
    Instrument separation and sound stage is absolutely amazing. My music genre is Metal, Instrumental and Classic Orchestra.
    but if you are a bass head and listen to bass heavy music, Sennheiser IE80 is the IEM for you because it has dynamic driver which is good for bass reproduction.
  14. teeitup418holes
    I tend to lean more toward my Westone 4R than I do the my Sennheiser IE80. But, I love using either. I would say that IMO, the Sennheisers have just a little more bass in their Sound Signature. But that said, the Westone 4R doesn't lack any in bass IMO.
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