SE530 cracking issue fixed?
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Mar 9, 2008
I had an SE530 production date: 2916 that cracked on both sides due to the well known cord defect. I sent it in and just recently received a brand new pair of SE530's production date: 3027.

should I try to baby them or is the cord-cracking problem fixed? I love wearing them around the ears and I would hate to not do so.

any experiences?
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Just received my warranty replacements this week. Don't know what the production date is, but it took 'em about 3 weeks to get here due to they said they were backordered. I would guess this means they're fairly new. But the wiring still looks identical. And, in fact, it appears that after only a few days, the part of the wire that goes around the ear is already starting to form a little in the shape of my ears.

If I were you, I wouldn't baby 'em at all. If they're gonna set up and then break, I would think you'd want 'em to do it before the warranty expires. And from what I've heard, the 2 year warranty is renewed every time you receive a new pair. So as long as they keep replacing 'em, I've got no problem... that's as long as they break within the 2 years. Maybe they'll get the problem resolved eventually. They may have huge backstock. And it's probably no easy task to retool for different wiring. So it may be cheaper for them to send out replacements at this point. Once they have the manufacturing part down, I bet these things aren't all that expensive to make. Hopefully they'll get the problem resolved in the near future. At least they have great warranty service.

I placed my order for Westone 3's, so as long as mine last until Westone get's their's out, I'm happy. I'm hoping the Westones really do it for me. I like the sound of the SE530s, but I still would like a tad more low end oomph!. Like I imagine the UM2s would sound... only better. So I'm gonna try to wait on the 3s. And hopefully Westone will get the longevity of the IEMs down a little better than Shure has with the SE530s.
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Wear them over the ear but with the cable in front and not behind. Mine were fine until I started wearing them with the cable down the back. When you turn your head it straightens out the cable and that wears them out faster. If you wear them in front the cable stays bent over your ear the whole time.
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I got my SE530 replacements like 2-3 weeks ago, and I have to say... While the wire in a lot of ways seems the same, I really think I got a pair with a "fixed" wire... I guess maybe I won't be able to tell just yet, but the material might seem slightly different to me, and they show no sign of stiffening up yet...
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The splitting wire issue still seems to happen to people every now and then.
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Mine just cracked last week after 1.5 years having it. Got it replace on the same week
no fuss.

Though it does seems the material is a bit softer? then before, but I am not sure. Time will tell.
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So SE530 has cord cracking problem too. I thought it's only my E4c. My second pair of them just crack on the cord again... I wonder if their other models have this problem too?
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Can someone tell me where I can find the production date?

There is a date near the bar code that says 2007/03/16, is that it?


Do I need to find the 4 digit number?
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Ok, I just got my couple days ago and my number is 2896 E500, should I be worry? Shouldn't I say SE530, did they take all the E500 and replace the yellow tips with black olives tips and throw the old headphone back in?

I was kinda disappointed with my SE530 because I did not come with the new iPhone extension cable which I had on my SE210.
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LOL i got mine a few days ago and they say 3XX7 SE530. bummer for you huh?

how the BALLS did you get a repackaged E500?

yes, that is what you got, an E500 in a SE530 shell.

thats nuts, i would really be upset man.

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