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SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

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  1. kimvictor
    Hmm. If you do manage to change Westone filters, post them here!
  2. Lanan
    Probably won't try if they're really glued in deep as Solude stated. Might return them anyway if the 535 convince me. But we'll see :wink:
  3. Mooses9
    i presume you are going to change the filters on the se535 correct?
  4. Solude
    If Rin didn't have the balls to do it, I certainly wouldn't try.
  5. Solude
    It's the Westone signature sound.  The higher up the line you go the deeper that scoop gets.
  6. kimvictor
    Ohh. Yeah. If Rin didn't, I wouldn't dare.
  7. Lanan
    If I'm satisfied with their original sound, definitely yes. Very curious about the impact of the dampers since I'm looking for a versatile IE solution for all genres.
  8. Lanan
    Yes for changing Shures' filters of course :wink:
  9. Mooses9
    does anyone know if you would get simular results using the knowles dampers and the e4c?
  10. kimvictor
    I would think so.
  11. LeeC
    Since there's no white ones in stock so I ordered 3 gray and 3 brown from digikey. (shipping is expensive from mouser to Canada). After listened for about 30 minutes I found the gray ones brought more details and boost the high a bit but the sibilance is too much. On brown ones the high is more tamed and the overall sound to me is more comfortable for long time listening.
    I'll stay with brown ones. If any Canadian wants to try the 3 gray tampers I can mail them to you for free. Too lazy for international shipping :)
    Thank kimvictor, dave and whoever shared the info of the mod.
    palinetes likes this.
  12. kimvictor
    Thank Rin and Inks, not me. I just put this together, but Rin was the one to provide me with the filters.
  13. Lanan
    Update for the Westone UM Pro 30: The filters are easily reachable - same position as the ones in the Shure SE535. I think they're glued in though. Didn't try too hard because I'll return them.
  14. Mooses9

    Hmm sucks they arent as easily accessible as the 535
  15. Lanan
    Well, not sure if they're glued in. Everything else looks the same as the 535. Didn't want to break anything you know
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