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SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

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  1. Zalithian
    But the ltd comes in candy apple red. You can match it to your gfs lipstick. The regular edition can't do that!I don't think they expect a lot of people to find out. Heh. Just the portion of us here maybe
  2. kimvictor
    but, but... I don't have a gf. Damn.
  3. plyr
    I didnt tested the other ones, using brown here. Your impressions are the same as mine, more detailed bass, little less mids, less congested sound overall...
    To me feels like the dampers are the best way to equalize the sound.
  4. kimvictor
    And shure knew that too.
  5. Mooses9
    yep and they kind of tried to pull the wool over their customers eyes by switching the insert and changing the sound and then calling it a limited edition and charging a bunch more money when alls you have to do is get a different damper and boom, changed the sound signature.
    and on a positive note although other companies do offer nozzle filters to change the sound signature, its cool we found that out that we can change the sound signature by changing the nozzle filter
  6. Zalithian
    A bunch more? Aren't they like $50 extra? I guess maybe older pricing had a bigger gap. Anyway, at least that didn't pull a Westone.
  7. spook76

    I did not pay anymore for my SE535-J a year ago than the SE535 bronze was selling for on Amazon. The only difference is I had to buy it off eBay from a seller in Hong Kong.

    Edit: and before anyone asks the 535-J was new still sealed in the box.
  8. Mooses9
    yeah i am talking about the initial price release, i think they were pretty expensive, i owned them a few years ago. i liked them, i thought they had a slightly better sound vs the bronze, but i also now own the bronze, and feel the sound equally as good with a full rig setup.
  9. Solude
    Let's not get too excited over $50 when the cost to change the filters yourself is roughly the same if you but the tool.  That and the LTD comes with two cables you otherwise have to pay more than $50 to get.  Now the 846 at $500 more just to use these same filters in a more user friendly format... esh.
  10. Mooses9
    im not bend on 50 or 500.00 its principal, shure tried to pass off the se535 series in multiple different ''limited editions'' the se535-led-j, then there are the silver limited edition and the american red limited edition which i believe are the same as the asians.
    the idea that replacing the nozzle inseert changes the sound should have been something incorp's into the design, much like the 846 nozzle filter design.
    and i do think that the limited edition were much more than the original clear or bronze clolors. 
    now the limited editions are 50.00 more yes but when they were first released i think they were a good ammount more, but cannot find any websites showing the original msrp, and its understandable that the 535 price have came down becuase of the 846 release, although the price differences in them are substantial, making the se535 shures top teir for people who cant afford 1k for a pair of iems
  11. Lanan
    Just ordered the 535 and Westone Pro 30 for comparison.
    Does anyone know if the Westone filters are replaceable as well? If not, the Shure already have a big advantage.
    Btw, tell me if you still have some spare filters and don't mind shipping to Germany. I'd be forever grateful :)
  12. Solude
    Unless the new series is different they use the same filters, all BAs do, but they are glued in and deep. You can put one on top of it but it only makes the scoop out deeper.
  13. Lanan
    Well, muffling the Westones with additional filters on top is the last thing I want. Thanks!
  14. Mooses9
    what westones do you have?
  15. Lanan
    Currently none, ordered the Pro 30 and 535 which arrive next week. Just read the UM3X (or Pro 30 since they seem to be mostly the same concerning sound) would be quite warm and bassy and was interested in the possibility of exchanging Westones' filters.
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