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SE5 vs NT6/NT6Pro vs other

  1. NaSC
    I Stumbled across this site after I lost my beloved TripleFi 10s the other day (after 3 years of ownership) and began researching a replacement set of custom IEMs. I had considered getting a another replacement pair Of TF10s and getting them customised, but looking at what's out there now I'm quite keen to upgrade to something more substantial.
    Listening to mainly electronica, but also a lot of other genres including rock, indy, etc., I want something that I can listen to for fun (using Samsung GS2) and also for reference to record with (using MOTU 828). In that respect, I'm looking for something pretty much down the middle but probably leaning a little towards the reference side. While I can appreciate the the GS2 may be significantly less than ideal to use as a decent source, I'd no doubt be prepared to upgrade to a dedicate source at a later date.
    My shortlist so far are:
    Spiral Ear SE5 (my TF10s sometimes popped out when eating, hopefully they'll fit)
    Hidition NT6 / NT6Pro (very eager to hear more about these!)
    I've also considered the Heir 8.A (there doesn't appear to be a lot to be read about these at the moment), the ES5, SA43, UE18, UERM and the JH16.
    I'm UK based, which means that I can get (and favouring) the SE5s without any worry of a huge tax bill when they arrive. My main concern with the SE5s is that the cable is non-replaceable, which could be costly to service when out of warranty. My TF10s used to be kept in their carry case when not in use, but just before the two year mark, I had to get a replacement cable as the memory wire started to get fraid. That could of course simply be because the TF10s were too unweildy at times.
    Also, silicone or acrylic - I'm very keen on getting a good fit, obviously the entire point of going for customs. But while I've read that the silicone may be a better fit, it's also prone to shrinkage. Is this true also of the SE5s? I know they are looking into anti-yellowing, but wondering if they've addressed the shrinking too. Maybe if they start to shrink I should eat more to compensate :p
    Looking at previous posts, I know it's recommended to start mid-range and move up the chain. But being a student at present, my budget simply can't allow for buying upgrades on a whim. It's essentially a case of buy now and consider an upgrade in maybe 3-5 years.

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