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SE425 - very confused

  1. m4rkw
    I'm currently using the SE215s and after a washing machine accident decided to try the SE425s. Richer Sounds have them at a pretty good price and have demo units so I went in to try them today.

    I was really surprised, all the comparisons on here seem to say that they are somewhat similar in terms of mids but slightly deficient in the bass and treble. This was completely not my experience. They were very very bass heavy. The bass on them was crazy, really powerful low bass. The bass was so powerful is kind of drowned out some of the other frequencies. I was so surprised I even checked that I didn't have a bass boost EQ set on my phone but I didn't.

    Could it be because I was using custom moulds and the perfect seal led to huge bass that would normally not be apparent?
  2. davidcotton
    That and the fact the se215's are dynamic drivers and the 425's are balanced armatures :)
  3. m4rkw
    I don't get it. All the reviews say they are mid-centric. Why did I hear so much bass? They were way bassier than the SE215 and the SE525 using the same BT2 cable.
  4. jant71
    You got it backward. Went from 215 to 425 and the 425 was bassier. :)

    Sounds like a fit issue even with custom tips. Some blockage making them sound that way or the phone output and SE425 don't get along. Had the 425 and it got flatter with 75 ohms impedance added but should not be way bassier than the SE215.

    SE535 didn't have the best dampers in it and needed tweaking and SE425 needed more impedance to be optimal and there was a delay in releasing it too. Bad job outta Shure on those missing the mark on both. Sorry to say but back then was one thing but you really can't buy an SE535 or SE425 these days in this market unless they are $120 and $170. More and you are not getting much value.
  5. m4rkw
    The 425s lacked volume too. With the BT2 max volume wasn’t adequate but with the 215s it’s ok.

    I used the same BT2 with both sets and the same custom moulds.
  6. m4rkw
    My issue is I have the custom moulds and so don’t really want to use anything but shure because of the perfect fit.
  7. davidcotton
    Depending on who did your molds (snugs?) it may be possible for westone models to fit as they generally have the same nozzle size as shure, no guarantees though :) Also depending on who did your molds it might be worth firing them an email asking them to have a copy of your impressions digitally (especially if they use .stl formats). That way you can use them again for customs if you want as more companies are shifting towards 3-d printing :)
  8. m4rkw
    I'm half tempted to give the 425s another chance, maybe that test pair at richer sounds were blocked or something. Don't know though. They're expensive on amazon, pretty good price at richer sounds at £169 but I don't think I could return them if I wasn't happy with them.
  9. m4rkw
    Should the 425s be quieter than the 215s? I can never quite work out how sensitivity and impedance go together.
  10. m4rkw
    Unfortunately it was too long ago, the moulds were discarded.
  11. m4rkw
    Well I was originally looking at the 425s because my SE215s went through the washing machine. I thought they'd survived but one side started cutting out and looking at the earpieces they were full of condensation so yeah probably dead. So I went back to Richer Sounds and asked to try the 425s again, in a different store this time. Weirdly enough they sounded the same, really bassy and slightly distorted. The manager listened to them and said "those are definitely faulty", but it's weird how two stores had demo pairs with the same issue. Anyway I agreed with them that if they sounded like that they'd take them back, and bought them anyway as they didn't have any 215s in stock. They sound great, pretty happy with them and they were £35 cheaper than amazon.

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