SE420 vs. Pro vs. Westone UM2 or __?
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I'm planning on investing in a dual driver headphone. I'm a bass addict but if i also love my vocals. I'm not asking for both, but which one is most effective with a Sony A818 to bring out the bass, or bring out vocals (I have separate eq's for vocals and for bass.) Amps are a big nono. Price and effectively obtaining them are another. Sound quality is definitely top priority. My budget is very limited but I feel like my Shure SE210 is peaking satisfaction for me and I want more dazzle. I listen to R&B a lot and I love Shure's because of the vocal clarity but the bass is very weak to me. (Sorry folks, it is.) Which would be my best bang for my buck. When I mean this I mean that if it were to cost more, the cost would justify the sound quality. If the adjustments are miniscule, then I'd rather go with the cheaper one.

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Help anyone?
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The UM2s will satisfy your bass cravings nicely, and they respond very well to EQ, so you can shape them however you want. They crush the others in terms of comfort. UM2 beats SF5P easily (after having the UM2s for a while, I couldn't listen to the SF5Ps anymore, had to sell them). I haven't heard the Shures you mention, so I can't commend on them other than to say with the number of issues people have with the cables I would never buy a high end Shure IEM, especially in light of how amazing the build quality and cable are on the UM2s.
May 18, 2008 at 7:32 PM Post #4 of 14 5 Pro beats the UM2 in terms of comfort and SQ. Haven't heard the Shure 420, but I wasn't a big fan of Shure in the past (E2 and E5). I love the cable, its sturdy, great build quality and a lovable memory wire. To my ears, the UM2 sounds laidback, warm and muddy. The 5 pro sounds upfront, clear and cold.
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Thank you. I love the fact that UE and Westone have removable cables. UE satisfies my need for a cheap(er) alternative for a dual driver headphone, Shure saitfies ease of obtaining and Westone is the midway between them. Do the "authroized Westoen dispensers" carry UM2's? it would seem kind of weird to have a UCSD-Otolaryngology/Audiology carry such an item. Most people go in there to get hearing aids and such, would they really carry Westone headphones?

Problem with UE is that there are no local shops in San Diego that I know of that carry them. I'd buy them in a hurry if a local shop stocked them.
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I have both the S5P and UM2. I don't like the S5P as much as the UM2's, both in comfort and sound. The UM2 cables are very light and strong. IMHO UM2>S5P. Sidewinder disagrees as you can see, and thats fine. I have seen the SE420 and did not like the cable. Check with and email them for a better price.
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Thanks guys! I might consider the UM2's. My main concern is where to buy them. Anyone have the answer to my UCSD audiologist question? I'd love to purchase these as soon as i can.
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Thanks guys! I might consider the UM2's. My main concern is where to buy them. Anyone have the answer to my UCSD audiologist question? I'd love to purchase these as soon as i can.

Like I said above, check with and ask them for a better deal. I got mine for 250.00 brand new. are good but they did not want to deal so I did not buy it from them.
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I would, but I dont have a credit card, and unless they have a retail store I dont think I could purchase it from them. My only solution is a local store carrying them. (My parents have a credit card but you know how parents are with headphones over 20 dollars. Stealing their credit card and using it is a big no no.) So going back, would UCSD audiology have Westone headphones?
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Online shopping isn't preferred because of the situation posted above. Thank you though. Any clue about a college hearing center stocking Westones?
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so would the majority agree that sound flexibility wise, that UM2's triumph SupFi5Pro? I've pretty much eliminated Shure SE420's because of the price. but if it turns out that the supfi5 is somewhat more suitable for me, ill get those. i'll just have to wait longer.

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