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SE215ltd vs SE315? Worth the extra $50?

  1. Jazic
    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair and cannot decide...
    Just got my wife a pair of 215's and I was highly impressed. Figured I'd go and get myself my own pair. 
    215's sound great but was going to opt for the LTD version with enhanced bass BUT was debating whether the 315's were worth the price difference in overall sound quality.
    I listen to a lot of metal but wouldn't consider myself a basshead... although I do like the bass I prefer punch and detail over boom and farts. 
    Thanks for any and all input!
  2. Jlava
    I haven't listened to either but have seen not so good reviews of the 215s from people. Not bad but people were expecting a bit more. 315s I have been told are a considerable upgrade to the 215s so I would go with those. Its up to you if you wanna pay more, I'm guessing you will be using these alot.

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