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Jul 30, 2007
Ok guys, I'm asking a really important question (to me). I saw this: ( - Scythe SDA-1000 KAMA BAY AMP 2ch Amplifier - Retail) in computer shopper today, and I though, this is perfect. I don't need a huge reciever and I can connect it to regular speakers. Now I'm a person that says it's too good to be true and I this is new I think, so I'll go by specs. Here they are straight from the website: (Scythe "KAMA BAY AMP" 2ch Amplifier)

Model Name: Kama Bay Amplifier
Model Number: SDA-1000
Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

Dimension (W x D x H) 152 x 113 x 41 mm
59.84 x 44.49 x 16.14 inch
Output: Speaker x 2 Channel
Headphone x 1 Channel

Input: RCA Connecter x 2 Channel
Power IC: YAMAHA YDA138(D-3) Digital Power Amplifier
Number of Channels: 2 Channels
Continuous Max. Output: 10W x 2 Channel
Max. Efficiency: 88%(8Ω/10W)
SN Ratio: 103dB
Total Harmonic Distortion Rate: 0.02%(1KHz/8Ω)
Headphone Amplifier: 50mW x 2 Channel, SN Ratio: 95dB
Power Source: DC 12V (4-Pin from PC Power Supply) or AC Adapter
Weight: 480g / 1.06lb
* YAMAHA is a registered trademark of Yamaha corporation.

It says it's powered by a Yamaha chip. So is this good? If so I'm going to bite the bullet on this and order it. Thanks for all the help that I hope is soon to come.

Thanks lots.
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Anything at all can help. Also, if no one knows anything about it, is there anything else like this that is good, that allows speaker and computer connections?
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ooo thank you....I'm still up for some advice, too guys.
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He seemed to think it was really good. Well I know what my next purchase is.

I'm still wondering if this will drive floorstanding speakers though? If not I'll just get that reciever, but any help is welcome.
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I have my doubts....

A PC is one of the worst places to put an amplifier due to all the EMI noise, so right there the concept is already flawed. Also that review was conducted by a computer hardware site, audio isn't exactly their specialty.

If your looking for small high quality amp my suggestion would be to check out some of the T-amps such as the Trends, and Firestone Audio Big Joe. They are very nice amps that are known quantitys.
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Originally Posted by pez /img/forum/go_quote.gif
He seemed to think it was really good.

Duh, he's a hardware reviewer. He gives it a good review and they send him more hardware to review, it's a win-win situation for him and the hardware vendor.

I also wouldn't bother with this for speakers. Rule #1 with speakers is never under power them. Clipping is worse for speakers then over driving them.
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So would you guys say it's best to just buy a reciever and run it from my computer through a reciever? That would be best?
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Originally Posted by pez /img/forum/go_quote.gif
So would you guys say it's best to just buy a reciever and run it from my computer through a reciever? That would be best?

Not if all you need is amp.

T-amps like the Trends and Firestone I mentioned above will be fine for dektop speakers as long as they are fairly efficient (sometimes called sensitivity, rated as dBA) and you don't listen to your music at extreme volume levels.

If you want a more conventional (and powerful) amp an integrated amp would make more sense then a receiver. Picking up something used from Audiogon would be an excellent option (people are always upgrading). This NAD for example would sound leaps and bounds better than any typical receiver.
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I don't know a lot about that, or even what it is. Also, I have 300 watt Pioneers that I badly want to run from my computer without taking up so much space...anyone else have ideas of what I can do. Also, links to Trends and Firestone please?
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Hey guys, I've been doing exactly this for a long time now... This was the basic issue/problem:
- I wanted some REALLY good SOUNDING speakers to use for my pc.
- Everything powered and available sucked, was too expensive, etc.
- What I did find was lacking in quality, produced/re-produced alot of noise from the pc power supply, etc. etc. [then, most things couldn't drive my speakers well enough to use them..once I had some good ones..]

Eventually I decided to hunt down some reasonably small bookshelf speakers, with high quality construction & exceptional quality sound. I chose a pair of these: Pinacle AC 400's [link: AC 400 ]. I found them on sale for a steal, and couldn't pass them up. However, this still left a big problem: powering them. These are great sounding little speakers, but they need a fair amount of juice to even be audible.. As soundblaster lost its hold ont he market, and things went the way of PCI, amplifiers disappeared off sound cards entirely. Myriad of reasons, all probably to do with noise/fcc/power consumption and high-draw availability on the 12v line, plus all the assorted and related gov't regs etc. Computers and the psu's that run them are notorious for producing alot of noise on the circuit they're attached to.

Now, throw in the problem too, of finding something that I could put ANYWHERE NEAR 2 pricey tube monitors...must have all shielded speaker(s)..

How'd I solve it? I used my trusty old Pioneer VSX-452 5.1 pro-logic receiver! It looks like this: & it cost around 300 bux back in the day. Yep, about $400 bucks altogether to listen to computer 'sound' be it games, music, etc.

Have had it now for over 10 yrs and it still works. It uses alot of juice tho, and I had hoped that SOMEBODY had made a small box like this with some adequate shielding EMI/RFI/whatever.. alas they haven't -- this [Scythe thing..] is noisy as hell..clicks and pops were reported..

With this stereo, I use a old Pioneer center channel speaker alot, for clarity in movies and tv shows its really handy. Like someone mentioned, it would be nice to see some good gear to do this, but I guess they call it a 'surround sound' theatre setup kinda deal. Those don't come cheap, esp. for 7.1 or something like that & there is no way to do any kind of decent power stereo w/o a good foundation.

NAD and Yakamichi used to make slim line/mini-component stuff for a long time, and they probably have something worth looking into nowadays. Plus if you go this route, you also get a spliffy remote to increase and decrease the volume of each speaker you connect up & sometimes that is really helpful to understand a dialog in a show/movie/etc...."what'd he/she say??" {rewind/replay, repeat until neighbors can understand the line(s) too..}. I presently use these lil pinnacles, in front, these BIG [comparably] cerwin vega's in back [this guy has the black 12 inch drivers -- but mine are quite similar and 8" driver: ], and this old-school pioneer [2 way 4" ported, shielded, unpowered: [ ]in center..

It works great, and people are amazed at the bass, of both the little pinnacle's and the big cv's.. When I'm not watching a dvd, or something, I'll often turn off the cv's and just use the little and center speakers (front stuff).. The remote helps to balance the sound too, front/back, center, etc.

My old receiver has lost the ability to rotate the volume knob, but will still increase/decrease the volume..the little light in the knob is out too..big deal..anyways, I'd get something with a real stereo amp, if you want any hope of real sounds, and longevity of the unit itself. Speaking of which, I'd probably be wise to take the stereo outside on a nice day and give it a good shot of compressed air! It's old now. 8)
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Even with Yamaha internals, a company best known for cooling probably isn't the best choice to go with for audio.
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Originally Posted by aegid /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Even with Yamaha internals, a company best known for cooling probably isn't the best choice to go with for audio.

Ever heard the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover"?

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