Screenshots of your desktop
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There are threads about computer hardware with some very nice pictures of how people have them set up, video game screenshots and the like, but it's the Operating System that makes that tower or laptop more than a lovingly assembled box 'o electronics.

Whether it be Windows, Linux, BSD, etc. it doesn't matter here. It's what you like to use and how you like it to look when you're using it I'm interested in seeing.

Do you take time in matching fonts across programs for continuity, got widgets and icons all over your desktop, like it bright and natural like looking out a window, or not so much?

Please name the programs you have showing for the benefit of those who might not be familiar with them. And be nice...


FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p3
Fluxbox for a Window Manager
rxvt-unicode for terminal emulator
Xfe as a File Manager
gKrellm for meters
Audacious for audio
Gimp for the shot
Firefox-ESR running but not shown

Lenovo Thinkpad W520
Intel Quad Core 1st Gen i7-2760QM @ 2.40GHz
8 GB RAM PC3-10600
Hitachi Travelstar 500GB HDD @ 7200 RPM
Nvidia Quadro 1000M with 2GB DDR3 and 96 CUDA cores
15.6" TFT display with 1600x900 (FHD) resolution with LED backlight
Intel HD Audio with a CX20585 codec
Serial UltraBay Enhanced DVD Burner II
UltraNav TrackPoint / Touchpad combo
Microsoft Trackball Optical USB Mouse
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I prefer just a wallpaper with no icons. Since I went to i3wm on all my BSD and Linux boxes , I have some temps and storage info in the task bar. That's it. For Solaris I use CDE just because it's way retro-cool. But if I think about it, probably I have more headless boxes than desktops.

Even on my Windows boxes (arrrrrgh!) I have a totally clean desktop.

Show me your icons! Let me see your icons!

Ahahahaha, we don't need no stinkin' icons :D


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