Schiitcago 2017 - 9/17/17


Will you be making it to Schiitcago 2017

  1. Yes! Count me in and I'm bringing gear!

  2. Yes! Coming just to listen!

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  1. ThePianoMan
    Schiitcago: Rumble in the Windy City!

    Welcome to the September Chicago Area meetup!

    Schiit has very generously agreed to send us their SchiitKit, help us get a space, and have a great time!

    Time: Sunday September 17th, 2-6pm

    Location: 5925 N Ravenswood Chicago, IL 60660

    We have a few exciting attractions in store:

    - Multiple headphone setups displaying Schiit gear Comprising their entire line with the sole exception of ragnarok)

    - Zach Mehrbach of ZMF will be there with his headphones and awesome personality

    - Two-channel gear on display! Come hear Vidar and a selection of excellent speakers

    - Catered refreshments (courtesy Schiit!)

    - A selection of ifi headphone amps and DACs.

    The location is the very cool Experimental Sound Studio, an art space and recording studio in Ravenswood Chicago. The space is fun, full of music, and you can check it out at the link below. Parking is available on the street around the studio. If you are coming from downtown, there is multiple bus and metra options to get you a short walk away from the studio. We hope to see you there!

    Please RSVP here if you are coming, and with what gear (if any) you’d like to bring. Please feel free to invite your friends and family!

    If you have questions, please PM me.
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  2. jdev
    I can bring my TH900 MK2's. I'd love to hear them up against Zach's dynamics.
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  3. Hansotek
    I'll probably drive out for it.
  4. antimatter
    Will try and make it.


    Sony cdp-XA7ES
    ECP dsha-2
    Sennheiser hd800's
    MFSL gold
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  5. Zephuros
    I can definitely come down to the city on the 17th. I plan on bringing my LCD-2 (2016).

    Currently, I'm having an EHHA Rev A amplifier built for me. I’m hoping that it will be completed and in my hands before the date of the meet; if everything goes smoothly, then I will be bringing the EHHA, along with a Schiit Bifrost.
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  6. ErikV55
    Damnit! Literally 10min away from me and of course I have to leave on a biz trip that night ;_;
  7. WeiFi
    I’m in.

    Audeze LCD-XC
    HiFiMan Edition X (gen1)
    (All my DACs and amps are schiit so no point to bring)
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  8. ivanrocks321
    wow great timing im in the Chicago area and can come! ill bring my mojo, pico slim, K10UA, Andromeda, Fitear TG334 with me. also will be bring loaned items from Fiio pending permission.

    PS Fiio said its ok to bring there gear will also have X5 gen3, x1 gen 2, F5 and i1 with me. Also I got a new pair of Grado HP1000 but dont have any flat pads on hand if anyone has them and can bring to the event that would great otherwise ill have to get some other pads for people to try.
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  9. chulas
    Hello all. I am very new here, and I like good Schiit! I am planning on coming with my HD650's

    Of note.. if there are no spinners... i can bring a project debut carbon DC (ortofon 2M red) an maybe a few records... Would it be worth it?
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  10. antimatter
    CD player count as a spinner?
  11. Keithpgdrb
    Finally posted this in the Chicago area meet thread. Someone should have told me about it.
  12. milosz
    I'll be there.

    Interesting that you are having this at ESS. I've done some projects with them and gave two workshop there, been involved with them since 1990, although haven't done anything with them for like 10 years.

    I might bring an amp or two that I built.
  13. Audio Addict Contributor
    Unfortunately I have a commitment to attend the Vintage Illinois Wine Festival with my wife and friends that Sunday.
  14. Keithpgdrb
    well, thats sounds like a terrible time! lol.
  15. Audio Addict Contributor
    It will be terrible having try so many wines to find the Illinois Wine we should to take home, though someone has to do it. :)
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