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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by indiegradofan, May 12, 2015.
  1. 5genez

    [​IMG] .... was having a bad day. ​
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  2. johnjen
    Yeah in this hobby in a $ for $ comparison, in the $100-150 range, the improvements are often a 'bargain'.

    Still I'm old skewl and fuses used to cost 35¢ (or less) so $150 (or more) for a single fuse just seems so wrong, all the way around.
    And fuses don't cost all that much to manufacture, so the price is based upon 'return on investment' and what 'the market will bear', for trying a bunch of different configurations and then selling into a limited market.

    So swallowing hard and biting the bullet, until the SQ changes become evident, seems to be the hurdle I seem to need to overcome.

    And thus far the SR fuses seem to perform the best of all of those that I've yet tried.
    And of course there are those who will come up with the next greatest thing to try (beeswax?), and so it goes.

    Have a wondrous holiday season everyone!

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  3. wink
    You need to remedy that ASAP.......:ksc75smile:

    Perhaps, you could work out a deal with winders for his.........:L3000:

    I can't understand winders contemplating selling his YGGY.....:triportsad: He sems such an intelligent and logical person.......:ksc75smile:
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  4. johnzz4
    The Directstream taking its place? Always curious to hear where people go from the Yggy.
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  5. 5genez
    Why the Yggy?

    In my case I have no intention of getting rid of my Yggy. Its the best sounding DAC I have every heard while it was still using its cheap glass fuse.

    That is why I have a complaint. Because, I want to keep it. If I did not I would simply resell it and look elsewhere. With an audiophile fuse I believe it will be a world class DAC like that I would have to pay a lot more for ... Considering the price of the fuse? Its a no brainer.
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  6. wink
    It doesn't mean that he's complaining about the perormance of his Schiit that he had/has.
    That's putting words in his mouth.
    He may simply be prepared to pay more or less for gear that he thinks is a commensurate step up in performance.
    He may even be downsizing his gear or travelling in a different direction.
    If you want to know his reasons for selling his Schiit gear, ask him........:L3000:
  7. purehifi192
    May I ask why you sold?
  8. 5genez
    You're right. Thanks.
  9. zoophaugus
    I've had an yggy for about a year now with Gen 3 USB.. Love it... I wanna make it "better". I mainly use laptop via USB to my yggy.
    I'm well aware of Gen 5 upgrade and eitre.

    I'm thinking more along the lines of Singxer Su 1 or matrix X Spdif 2. These are both DDC digital to digital converters or more accurately USB to Spdif converters.

    At present I get no muting relay clicking noise unless the bit rate is changed in Jriver media.
    Can any one tell me if I am going to get constant clicking with one of the above DDC's every time I switch tracks or stop and or pause the track if I go that route?

    I am leaning towards the singxer with its own internal power supply and THE AES/EBU connection.

    My reasoning for avoiding Gen 5 upgrade is that although it is the cheaper solution... it is a solution ONLY for yggy.

    Both these converters can handle Dsd and can easily be used on a "future" Dac should the need arise.

    Another option,
    There is also the ISO REGEN. It is a true USB to USB converter. Allowing the computer to see the dac through the converter..

    I am also aware of eitre... And all of it's muting relay clicking....

    I tend to flip through a lot of tracks and am not interested in all the clicking people speak of.. Lol
    Actually I'm well aware of it while using my CDP... Lol

    Any shared experiences would be helpful.
  10. johnjen
    I'd opt for the Eitr, so you can use it on any DAC.

    The SQ alone is what would drive my choice, and the Gen-5 USB is a significant step up.
    I have compared it directly to my highly tweaked AOIP setup and it is very close, and for most folks the AOIP setup simply isn't worth the extra $$$$ and hassle, unless you are seeking 10/10ths.

    So find out for yourself IF there are any clicking problems, then determine what the SQ improvements are in your system and whether or not it is that much better than your other choices.
    And if using the Eitr setup does create 'clicking noises' you can return the unit for a refund.

    Just a thought or 2.

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  11. wink
    Yep, stick with the YGGY....... :L3000:
  12. earnmyturns
    I had microRendu+LPS-1>USB>SU-1>AES> Yggy for a while. No relay clicking that I recall, but I typically listen to albums end-to-end, so rate changes are infrequent. I eventually replaced that with (used) Aries Femto>AES>Yggy, mainly for the reduction in footprint and wiring. No clicks either. I have an Eitr that I used a Gen 2 Bimby and with a Holo Spring KTE 3, no issues with rate changes.

    My hypothesis about the sometimes reported Eitr>coax>Yggy unexpected relay clicking is that it arises in electromagnetically noisy settings, either from power line noise of from nearby interfering gear. Fortunately my house power is not that dirty, and all of the gear upstream and downstream of my Yggy is powered via a good power conditioner.
  13. winders
    Hmmm....nowhere did I complain about the performance nor did I say I was unsatisfied with Vidar, Freya, or Yggdrasil. At their price points, I don't know that there is a better amp than Vidar or a better preamp with Freya's feature set. I am convinced that you cannot buy a better DAC than Yggdrasil under for $5500.

    Having said that, I was not satisfied with how my system sounded. I was confident that my speakers were what I wanted. But, I did feel that I could improve the sound with a better amp and preamp. The first step was replacing Vidar with the Pioneer M-22. It's late 70's early 80's Class A 30 watt amp that is just special. If it were made today, it would cost ver $5000. It's bass is just a bit better than Vidar. Where the M-22 really shines over Vidar is in the mids and highs. It is spectacular there. The preamp I have now, the Don Sachs Model 2, is four times the price of Freya. It was custom made to match the M-22 and also a tube amp I have my eye on that I may buy someday. It is not as flexible as Freya as it does not offer a passive or JFET modes nor is it fully balanced. It has only a tube gain stage mode and has balanced in but is converted to SE internally. But it does that tube mode exceedingly well and I don't need balanced out. The Don Sachs Model 2 has been everything I hoped it would be. So far, I am 2 for 2 but at a significant uptick in price.

    Yggdrasil is a whole different topic. The PS Audio DirectStream that I am evaluating right now costs, at retail, 2.6x what Yggdrasil costs. I am having hard time finding significant differences in sound between the two. In fact, I would be very happy owning either one. The places where the DirectStream (with the Red Cloud code) stands out is the much blacker background, the 3D soundstage, and overall musicality. The DirectStream has some other features that are enticing. First, the unit I have has a Bridge II card installed which allows the DAC to become a Roon endpoint. I just plug it into Ethernet and it go. I don't need an ultraRendu or anything like it. The DirectStream also supports DSD and, with the Bridge II card, MQA. I am not into either one of those at this time, but having that flexibility is only a positive. Finally, the DirectStream is field upgradable as it does not use any DAC chip. It uses FPGA's. So Ted Smith can do his magic and an upgrade can improve the DirectStream so much it is like getting a new DAC. I am still listening to both and have not made a final decision as to which DAC I am going to keep. But I am leaning toward keeping the DirectStream. Of course, it helps that I picked it up for one heck of a killer price.

    The bottom line here is that Schiit makes some really great products. Especially when you factor in the value they offer. But, that doesn't mean that, if you are willing to spend the money, you can't get better sounding components.
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  14. 5genez
    How did you do that? The other day I corrected my post because I thought it was worded wrongly. Now, only five minutes ago. You drag up what is no longer there in my post.

    Just arrow back and you will see that to be the case.
  15. AlanU
    DAC can have a different sound simply due to room conditioning, speaker configuration, reflective bounce from walls and system synergy.

    Since in some cases monetary expenditures dictates our perception. We often assume the more expensive gear will certainly sound better. That is definitely not always the case.

    Hard to put a price tag on personal satisfaction. I do feel that some music genres do not always sound it's best because in a specific stereo setup.

    I guess an analogy is to say that the latest flavour of the month Focal Clear will sound perfect for orchestral music, vocals, piano, pop music. Same goes for slapping on a pair of Hifiman He1000v2 being the end all be all perfect headphones. Using tube amplification vs solid state has a different sound using identical DAC.

    I think this is a hobby that is simply a non crucial perk for the living. Huge money pit for the ones that seek audio nirvana.

    $2917 CDN for the Yggy is still alot of money but it's all about justification in spending $$$$ and enjoyment. My Spacetech lab locally made power rectifier/power supply and Tube dac is good enough for my ears for female vocals and instruments (sax, piano etc). That tube dac setup was an approx 4 grand combo. For pop music I am less critical and solid state seems to be all based on the "flavour" the company (all makes) gives to the sound signature. Silly hobby dumping money for my ears to be happy...... fun fun!!

    Locally when I auditioned some Mcintosh monoblocks power up some $100,000+++ sonus faber speakers the group of people "The panel" though the Totem Earth's with super nait integrated sounded noticeably different and "better". I did end up buying the Totem Earth speakers but there are worst and better. I enjoy my setup and I'm happy.

    I still must play and audition yggy. No rush for me as I am happy with my current setup.
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