Schiit Yggdrasil A1 vs Gungnir MultiBit vs SMSL M8
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Dec 15, 2020
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Hello everyone, newbie to head-fi here:

This isn't meant to be a serious (nor fair) comparison, so let's start at that:
it was recorded on my iphone 11, and the main reason I shot this was to help me find out which Multibit DAC I like better. I found that even though there are youtube videos providing comparison reviews, none of them recorded a head to head comparison of both Schiit MB DACs, so this might help someone else eventually.

The setup:

brother DAC stand-off:
- Schiit Yggdrasil with USB Gen3 board (Gen5 on the way on the post, so more comparison videos to follow after I upgrade).
- Schiit Gungnir Multibit with USB Gen5 board.

the oddball:
- SMSL M8 v1 from 2017? a lower end D/S DAC using ESS ES9018 and getting rave reviews and great measurements in :). Powered by a linear Power Supply.

The three DACs are levelled, and are being fed through Kodi running on an Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 connected via USB to a uptone Iso Regen decrapifier powered by a 9v linear power supply.

The rest is an ARC LS16 valve preamp, Mark Levinson 335 Power Amp and a pair of B&W 802 Nautilus speakers.

Music is "Know you Now" from Amy Winehouse, live in Porchester Hall from 2007's, source is Blu-Ray bitperfect rip, LPCM 2.0 Audio Track, shifting every ~15-30s between DACs.

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