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Schiit Vali 2 on Sennheiser HD650

  1. nofacemonster
    I was about to order the Magni 3 for my HD650 and spotted this....! back to square one again because i love the tube sound and this will be something i will be buying for years to come. Do you think VALI 2 will be a better pairing with HD650? is it even a good pairing at all...? also if you are a user, let me know if this gets super boiling hot as well!!! not good to be used in a hot country.

    Magni 3 on HD650 or Vali 2 on HD650

    Thanks a lot headfiers.

  2. Keno18
    I have the HD 6XX, is that close enough? If it is then I can tell you either one is a good match. I switch between the two using the Magni as a comparison to the different tubes used in the Vali. As for heat the Vali gets warmer than the Magni which does get warm on it's own. The Vali is only one tube 2/3s of which is above the case. I use a socket saver to raise the tube completely above the case for better ventilation.
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  3. nofacemonster
    Thank you for the reply. Yes it perfect because I have the 6xx as well. I use the term 650 because many people has it. Both are same. Yes, heat vice Vali might be generating more to the fact that it has a tube.

    So Vali will be a better pairing then
  4. Keno18
    If you want to try tubes the Vali is a good choice. Just be aware that most people don't like the sound of the stock tube. Head over to the Vali 2 tube rolling thread to get ideas as to the replacement you might want.

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