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Schiit Valhalla Tube Rolling thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mr.tom, Jul 24, 2012.
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  1. bokononista
    In comparsion with stock power tubes sound was less transparent with less bass amount.
  2. Krusnik
  3. Ripper2860
    While I have the Foton 6N6P power tubes, the diff (if any) was minimal and not to the detriment of any sound that I could discern. Driver tubes are where the $$ should be spent as that is where the magic is! :D
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  4. bokononista
    Maybe my Fotons are somehow bad, because it is very noticable difference. It was not expensive to get.
  5. Wes S
    Did you say magic . . .pop in some adapters and some WE396A, and the magic happens.
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  6. Ripper2860
    They are on my list. Mullard CV4003 and Brimar CV4033's are favs, but CIFTE are a close 2nd. 12AT/U7 and variants are definitely my favs!! :wink:
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  7. Wes S
    I have all those tubes, as well as the Mullard Square Getter Long Plate, for my Bottlehead crack, and cant wait to hear them.
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  8. Ripper2860
    I have a BHC waiting to be built and will likely get started in the next few weeks. Can't wait to try my 6SN7 and 12AT/U7 tube stash on it!! :D
    Last edited: May 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM
  9. Wes S
    Awesome! See ya, in the Bottlehead thread.
  10. ScubaMan2017
    I'm going bonkers. Yes, I might have been drinking slightly tonight. However, I'm listening to Harlequin's Innocence (from their creepy-cover, Love Crimes album). Switching back and forth between my VH2 and the Magni3... Dammit. There's a difference between the first ~2 minutes of song (between the 2 amps). What is it?! Does the Magni provide more definition with the lead singer? Does the VH2 provide a more mellow oomph?
    Tsk, I dunno. :ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
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  11. Ripper2860
    Tubes are rife with 2nd order harmonics, which are very appealing to us humans. I know my Lyr 3 SS/tube hybrid is a better amp, but I spend way more time listening to Valhalla 2. With Mullard CV4003 and Brimar CV4033, and the occasional Telefunken 12AU7, VH2 is just a smoother, warmer, more relaxed sound that draws me deep into the music. It just seems more 'organic' with more timbre -- better suited to acoustic instruments (jazz is my thing). It makes no sense, but I'm OK with not understanding. I'm just enjoying the music!! :D
    Last edited: May 15, 2019 at 10:57 PM
  12. ScubaMan2017
    [​IMG] Some days, @Ripper2860 ... some days I feel like this guy when I look at my collection of doo-dads at my listening nook. (source: https://giphy.com/ ; Giphy. Downloaded 09:50 EST, May 16, 2019). :ksc75smile:
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  13. bokononista
    Can you please tell me more about Lyr 3 vs Valhalla 2? What are main differences? How the soundstage is in comparsion?
  14. ScubaMan2017
    I took a gander at Schiit's March 13/19 posting for some ideas to your question...

    And so, here we go: our current names of key technologies that we consider important.
    Coherence™. This is our combobulated tube-BJT hybrid topology that delivers on the promise of hybrid designs the most, at least in our experience. Unlike other hybrid topologies we’ve used, Coherence allows us to run a high voltage at the tube stage (better for tubes), use the tubes for voltage gain (better application of a tube’s strengths), combine the tube and transistor stages without input, output, or coupling capacitors, and integrate it with a wide variety of output stages, including Continuity. This topology you’ll see in Lyr 3, and (to a lesser extent), in Vali 2, though Vali still uses output coupling capacitors to simplify the power supply requirements and keep cost down.
    Importance: like I said, it’s the best hybrid topology we’ve found to date, and (as far as I know), we’re the only ones using it. Hence it’s worth naming as a differentiator to all the other hybrid topologies out there.
    Found in: Lyr 3, Vali 2

    Source: Buzzword Bingo. 2019 Chapter 5. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/sch...bable-start-up.701900/page-2980#post-14834044 ; Accessed 09:33 EST, May 17, 2019.

    Now, I understand maybe about a half of what he said there. My gut's telling me that the Lyr's soundstage is similar to my stock-tubed Vali (and even my Magni3). MY Valhalla2 (VH2) is more mellow & better paired with my 300Ohm-impedance headphones. I like having an unruly collection of brushed-aluminum boxes (compared to the compact, all-in-one, Lyr x.x). :ksc75smile:
    I also like having three different amplification technologies (100% transistor; 100% tube; hybrid) to play around with! My gut also tells me that my Magni is superior for spoken word recordings (to my ear at least). Better? Worse? Nah, just different.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019 at 9:36 AM
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  15. bokononista
    Thank you for your response! I had a dilema, buy Valhalla 2 or Lyr 3 just for my T1.1 with Bifrost MB, no other headphones for best sound result.
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