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Schiit Valhalla Tube Rolling thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mr.tom, Jul 24, 2012.
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  1. tricolor
    Hey folks! I've googled a bit and couldn't find an answer. If I keep the volume "down" when using HIGH gain instead of LOW gain with the Valhalla 2... would I have longer tube life?

    I don't mind shortening the lives of my tubes if the quality sounds better, but of course, if I can "extend" it somehow, why not? :)

    BTW, Dollarama sells "tiny pearl" stickers that are PERFECT to dim the LEDs.. :wink:
  2. Wes S
    I would not worry, about the volume level in high gain. If it sounds better, go for it. I only use my Valhalla 2, in high gain because it has better bass and tames the highs a bit, with my Breyer DT 1770’s, vs. low gain. I think tubes get run a lot harder in phono stages and other preamps, and they can still last a long long time, in those. So I say, run them on high gain, and get a backup pair or two, and you should be set for a long time.
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  3. tricolor

    Thanks @Wes S, exactly... Life is short and let's enjoy it the most! :)

    I just got a DT770 250 Ohm and I am loving it... felt the same... High gain "fine" tunes the sound way better than low gain...

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  4. jeffrt
    I looked thru all 62 pages of this thread over the past week or so; but I don't recall seeing an answer to this. Of course, I could have missed it.

    I know that changing the 6N6P tubes (Power) has much less of an effect than changing the 6N1P tubes (gain stage), and there aren't many alternatives to the 6N6P, but
    does anyone know if the ECC99, 12BH7, or the E182CC tubes are valid drop-in substitutes for the 6N6P tube?

    At this point, I'm just curious. I just got one and it sounds pretty good so far with the stock tubes.
    (FYI I already have several 6922 type tubes to potentially replace the 6N1P, including a Siemens CCA.)

    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
  5. tricolor
    Morning! Hope all is well!!

    Here's an older post... I think it won't work... :frowning2:


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    Author of The 6922 Tube Review

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    I'm about 99% sure that ECC99 does not have the same pinout as 6N6P. ECC99 and E182CC both have the dual voltage heater. The 6N6P only has 6.3V heater.

    Thus the ECC99 and E182CC have 3 heater pins, one for either end and a center tap. If wired in parallel, they are 6.3C, if series then 12. Please do not just plug in ECC99 to your Val!

    The 6N6P tubes use that extra pin for a grounded screen between the two triodes.
    Click to expand...

    Thanks for the advice! I trust you more then that website. So would those modded socket savers work for the ECC99/12BH7 like the E182CC/7119's. In other words wire the voltage in parallel (6.3V) not series (12V). Yes 6Volt heaters don't like to supply 12V's - they tend to complain with smoke and sparks! LOL!

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  6. jeffrt
    Thanks a ton, tricolor.
    That helps a lot. I was just looking for potential alternatives. Based on your reply, I will not try ECC99s nor E182CC as replacements for the 6N6Ps. I like to keep things simple, not "in flames".
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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  7. xndR_R
    I've enjoyed my valhalla 2 for a couple of months now and decided I wanted to change my JJ gold pins tubes to 5670 tubes.

    On ebay I see alot price difference for the 'Western Electric 396A'. So what is a reasonable price for a matched pair?

    And are these worth a try? ebay link
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  8. tricolor

    Not sure about it but it says equivalent to the Western Electric 396A . that “sounds” pretty vague... :frowning2: they are quite cheap so if all the specs are compatible, that wouldn’t hurt your wallet at all... :) but i would take it with a grain of salt.. :). do you have the adapter already?

    i know the original western electric, specially the 300B series, they are crazy expensive :frowning2: but their quality seems to be outstanding!

  9. cebuboy
    Those are late production GE 5670, they work with adapters. There is a reason why them WE396A are expensive. :)
  10. limelake
    I would try some 5670's before buying WE396A's to test the flavour of the family. I use 5670's in my Valhalla and my speaker amp. 5670's are a superb tube for the money. YMMV.
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  11. limelake
    Just looked at the eBay link. I will double confirm those are ge 5670's for sure. And a very good price.
  12. cebuboy
    Or you can go check out the 6N3P family, proces are still cheap and they are easily available.

    Currently using a ‘75 ref 6N3P-DR, nice and balanced tone.
  13. Wes S
    Nothing compares to the Tung Sol 2c51 and WE396A, if you like amazing bass and huge soundstage, with the best imaging you have ever heard from the Valhalla 2. 3D or holographic are a couple more adjectives. . .
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  14. xndR_R
    Thanks everyone for the input!

    The 'Tung Sol 2c51' seems interesting too! I'll check this out. :grin:
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  15. Marlowe
    I've been using the Tung-Sol 2C51 tubes for some months and like them very much. They're not really expensive either--about $35/pair on eBay. (Though you do have to factor in adapters on a first time purchase; these cost about $18 for two.)
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