Schiit Valhalla Tube Rolling thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mr.tom, Jul 24, 2012.
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  1. Guidostrunk
    More food for thought for you guys. If extremely MASSIVE soundstage, and a smooth warm syrupy sound is an absolute must. You can give these a shot. My second favorite tube in my collection.

    You'll need 2 of course.

    6c8g tubes: Tung-sol black glass/ round plates (which I'm currently selling a spare pair from this seller).

    Yes, the Soundstage is huge. They're very smooth and warm. Very holographic/3D.

    Sorry for the tube overload folks. :wink:
  2. Wes S
    Oh my! I am in trouble! Down the hole go. . .
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  3. yangian
    Are these for 6n1p or 6n6p?
  4. yangian
    Another headfier and I recommended before, we think Russia 6N3P-E is even better than 5670. I also have a pair WE396A. Didn't do extensive A/B with 6N3P-E, but seems 6N3P-E have larger soundstage.
  5. Guidostrunk
    6n1p , 6922, E88cc,...etc.
  6. yangian
    Cool! Thanks
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  7. wwmhf
    Good to know this possibility because I have quite a few 6N3P-EV

  8. latexchicken
    I tried searching and read thru hundreds of posts trying to find the answer. I do apologize if this is shown somewhere and i have missed it.

    I'm looking for some suggestions on tubes for my Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pros. I'm using a Focusrite Saffire pro 24 as my dac using the output channels 3 and 4 to go to my gen 1 Valhalla.

    When listening directly out of the Focusrite, I felt the mids a bit recessed as well as (to my ears) a very crisp (near sibilant) treble signature. The bass however was deep, tight, fast and musical.

    When listening with the stock tubes on the Valhalla, female vocals all of a sudden really smoothed out and not near as sharp as when only using the SS Focusrite. Much much much improved. The high detail was still there as well and is now a more refined sound. Also, it seems the mids came out a bit more. far, 2 out of 3 get a thumbs lies the problem: the bass now while more pronounced, has lost some of the detail (and is now somewhat more muddy on some tracks) that I had when only using the Focusrite. I like bass but by no means am I ""bass head" and want to get the detail and musicality back.

    What I am hoping to find is a set of tubes that will:

    1. Give me a similar treble signature to the stock tubes with possibly rounding them out a little further (without sacrificing detail).
    2. Keep the mids working...maybe even a little more mid boost though slight. If the mids stayed exactly the same, I would still be happy.
    3. Tighten up the bass to how it was when going direct from the Focusrite...they really did sound great to my ears. The bass with the stock tubes with these phones IMO is unacceptable to my listening preferences with these phones.
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  9. Wes S
    My favorite are Amperex 7308 from 60's. I feel they are a match made in heaven, with my DT 1770. However, I am waiting for my adapters, for my WE396A tubes, and I can't wait to see if they can dethrone, my beloved Amperex 7308 tubes.
  10. KoshNaranek

    Given your clear description of your desires, I would give you three potential choices:

    1. 6cg7. Better bass than stock. Laid back presentation. Closest to stock.
    2. Ecc804. Available from tube Depot. Emphasis on mid-range. Tighter Bass than 6cg7.
    3. Toshiba 7dj8. From The Tube Store. Tightest Bass. Good bloom. Best for Rock in my opinion among the 3 recommendations. Smooth highs. A bit more mellow than the Amperex, but a LOT cheaper.
  11. TK16
    I find the WE 396A square getters better if not all my 6922 variant tubes and I splashed a lot of money on those 6922 tubes.Listened to quite a few of the best tubes availablle. The Tung Sol 2C51 d or square can be had for under $40. Same adapter.

    #saved by Billy
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  12. KoshNaranek

    The 396 variants that I have tried have been a bit light in the base emphasis. Do you have a preferred tube in the 396 line for bass?
  13. TK16
    Western Electric 396A is my favorite, 2nd best imo is Tung Sol 2C51, the TS has the best midrange I ever heard. In the 6922 family, Mullards are the best imo for bass along with the Heerlen pinched waists.
  14. Dvdlucena
    I was wondering if someone tried 6sn7 into valhala. What’s the best position? Pre or power?
    Is it worth it? Thanks
  15. Dvdlucena
    sorry to re open this thread. but i was thinking in use my 6sn7 collection into valhalla. is it worth?
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