Schiit Valhalla Tube Rolling thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mr.tom, Jul 24, 2012.
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  1. Mike Thompson
    Leaving it on all night shouldn't really have any effect other than shortening the overall lifespan of the tubes. It does run hot but remember you're running four tubes.
  2. Marlowe
    Tubes just go sometimes. One of the driver tubes blew out 90 minutes after I turned the Valhalla 2 on. Schiit sent me an entire new set of four tubes the next day (Saturday BTW), so I not only have no complaints, I sort of came out ahead. Though TBH, I probably wasn't feeling so philosophical for the several days I couldn't listen to my new amp. (Since the four Valhalla tubes are boxed together, it's probably the easiest way for Schiit to replace a bad tube, aside from garnering good customer relations.)
  3. adydula
    3,000 - 5,000 hours typically for the tubes that come with the Vahalla 2, according to Schiit on there site, all for $40 or $10 a tube compare that to the megabucks spent on all those "magical" NOS tubes out there....

    Rather save for a new set of headphones!!

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  4. Guidostrunk
    For less than $40, you can have some "magical" NOS , non megabucks tubes , that are far superior than stock.

    Adapters are needed though.

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  5. adydula

    That's, $31.95 for only 2 tubes...and the socket savers are $17.90 each and then there's shipping...and what the heck is
    "far superior" mean??? and most ooompa lumpas spend more than this easily.

    No Thanks....the stock tubes are just fine thank you!

    Please don't take this as a slam...don't want to rain on your parade...I have spent mega bucks myself and my pile of 50+ tubes has told me that all that is supposedly "gold" is not necessarily "gold".

    Most of the AB testing and blind listening tests have shown most people strain to hear any real world differences....not that there aren't some....

    all the best..
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  6. Wes S
    I've got some we396a's and tungsol 2c51, on the way and I am stoked!
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  7. Marlowe
    FWIW, the $17.90 is for two adapters; one is $9.50.
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  8. limelake
    For adapters and a set of 5670's it's about 30 $. Pretty cheap upgrade ! And a noticeable upgrade ! I got more out of this upgrade then I did when I bought a set of Kimber Cables....!
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  9. TK16
    I am a huge fan of the Western Electric 396A square getters, the Tung Sol are quite good also. Mid range king best I ever heard.
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  10. Guidostrunk
    LOL! No parades here. For the record, which isn't of importance to you. The adapters are for a pair.

    I'm happy for you that the stock tubes float your boat.

    Take care. LOL

  11. wwmhf
    I stupidly ordered just one adapter from Ebay.
  12. wwmhf
    Upgrading from cable is usually not obvious to me, one reason might be just that the cables made myself can beat those exotic ones
  13. Guidostrunk
    No biggie. Just contact the seller and let him know that you want a pair.
  14. wwmhf
    I did something like that, but I just ordered another 3 adapters from the same seller. I hope this adapter+different tubes works well so that I can try this trick on other amps.
  15. Guidostrunk
    I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by these 5670 variants. Over the last 3 years, I've spent close to 2k on 6922 variants. In the last 3 months , I've spent approximately $200 on the 5670 variants. Imo, it's not even close. The SQ of the 5670's is in a different league all together. I wish I had discovered them long ago. Lol.

    Reserve judgement for at least the first 20 hours. Between the tube, and your brain burning in, it takes a bit to wrap your head around it. I knew within about 4 hours that they were absolutely, without a doubt, they were a LOT better than anything I've previously heard.
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