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Schiit Valhalla 2 With Grado?

  1. TDL-speakers
    Has anyone here tried such combo? I understand the OTL design of the Valhalla 2 works best with high impedance cans.

    But with Grado's, is the marriage fairly happy?
  2. TDL-speakers
    Well? Communication on here is getting more crap nowadays!
  3. ZMG885
    I evaluated the Valhalla 2 with my Grado RS2e headphones a while back, comparing the Valhalla 2 with my Magni 3 (BTW source is Mac Mini (ALAC files into Modi Multibit). I found the Valhalla 2 audibly warmer and smoother than the Magni 3. The RS2e treble can get a bit overwhelming on certain tracks and the Valhalla 2 smoothed the highs out nicely. Yes, the Valhalla 2 is an OTL design optimized to drive 250-600 ohm headphones, and yet there was plenty of power on tap for the 32 ohm RS2es. I was looking at this amp since I had the Beyerdynamic DT1770s so it was a logical choice. Then I sold the DT1770s and had a Grado style custom build done based around the Symphones V8 driver and mahogany cups, and this set needs more power than the Valhalla 2 could comfortable supply. I ended up with the Lyr 2 which has worked out nicely for the V8 build and the Grado RS2es.

    If you're looking at a sweet deal on the Valhalla 2, it's a good choice, especially if you want to try some Beyers or Senns down the road. In the Schiit line, the Vali 2 is a good choice, with plenty of power to drive Grados.
  4. SP Wild
    Yes. The Valhalla 2 was designed with low impedance headphones and high impedance headphones. There is a switch in the back to toggle between the two.

    I bought the Valhalla specifically to drive my Grado HF2. To my surprise...it drives all dynamics very well. It is a very good full tube amplifier and people are not seeing the bargain to be had here.

    It's not a warm amplifier at all. Quite transparent and lean with the stock tubes, different tubes can give more body and sweetness if so desired, without ever losing that transparency, but still giving the tube smoothness.
  5. TDL-speakers
    Was low gain on the Valhalla 2 enough for the Grado?
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    On the Schiit Valhalla 2, the low gain setting has an output impedance of 3.5-Ohms, so even 20-Ohm IEM should work plugged into it.
    So a 32-Ohm Grado shoulld do fine.
  7. ZMG885
    My observations with the Valhalla 2 were all on the low gain setting. On the Magni 3 and Lyr 2 I tend to run low gain for the Grados because they're very sensitive. Otherwise, there's just too much boost for my taste.
  8. jrflanne
    I use gs1000e with a V2 all of the time. Sounds great.
  9. wwmhf
    It is interesting to know that Valhalla 2 works well with Grados
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Grados have high sensitivity so the lower output at lower impedance loads isn't a problem.

    Even the output impedance on OTLs generally would err on making Grados warmer than how most speaker integrated amps I've tried make them sound like tin cans, and in the case of the Valhalla2, output impedance isn't even a problem.
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