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Schiit Uberfrost USB + Lyr + tubes + more!!! Price drop!

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  1. ngyu
    For Sale
    Hey all,
    Up for sale is my Schiit Lyr and extra tubes. They need no introduction. Finally moving onto the balanced world, so this gotta go. Everything is used, but in immaculate condition.
    Schiit Lyr + all tubes$OLD
    Includes the following tubes. The prices next to the tube is just for separate pricing. 
    2 pairs x Amperex Orange Globes 6DJ8  $75 USD each matched pair 
    2 pairs x National Matsu 6922 - $50 USD each matched pair 
    1 pair x Russian 6N1P (From Schiit) - $15 USD 
    1 pair x JJ E88CC (From Schiit) $15 USD
    Schiit Uberfrost USB, $OLD
    Comes with USB 2.0 Board, Uber analog board upgrade, stock analog board, as well as PYST RCA cables, all from Schiit.
    I'd like to sell all together, combo price for everything listed. The tubes themselves cost more than $100!!! Everything comes in their original box + manuals. I'm located in Toronto, Canada. Pictures to come later tonight. PM for any questions, thanks for looking!
  2. ngyu
    price drop!
  3. ngyu
    BIFROST UBER USB SOLD! Lyr is priced to sell with the tubes, get them while you can!!!
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