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Schiit Support ... Not too schitty!

  1. liquidsmote
    I wanted to contribute my experiences with Schiit support, especially after coming across an odd variety of reports from CA, Google, etc... but never any data to back up comments.

    Over the past year, I've purchased 3 products from Schiit, contacted support via email with multiple questions, and had one customer service request for a failed product.

    TL;DR: Schiit support has consistently provided me with excellent customer service, responded to every email I've ever sent, and their service has only improved with the new help desk software.

    1/31/2017 : 7 minute response time to email question
    2/10/2017 : 2.5 hour response time to email question
    2/11/2017: Just under 4 hour response time on a WEEKEND EVENING to email question!
    2/19/2017: Order placed for Schiit Saga
    2/20/2017: Order for Schiit Saga shipped!
    NOTE: The Schiit Saga has been working perfectly on a near daily basis since purchase.

    5/13/2017: Order placed for Schiit Mani (was on back order until June)
    5/15/2017: 9 minute response time to email question
    5/18/2017: Schiit Mani shipped (earlier than expected)
    5/19/2017: 56 minute response time to email question
    5/26/2017: 42 minute response time to email question
    NOTE: The Schiit Mani has been working perfectly since purchase. Powered on 24/7

    9/4/2017 - 9/7/2017: Received rapid responses from multiple support representatives.

    9/20/2017: 33 minute response time to email question

    11/02/2017: Order placed for Schiit Remote and Schiit Modi Multibit
    11/02/2017: Order shipped
    11/07/2017: Order received
    NOTE: The Schiit Remote (new model) has been working perfectly since purchase.
    11/11/2017: Schiit Modi Multibit dies
    11/11/2017: 33 minute response time from initial support request submission (ON A SATURDAY!)
    11/11/2017: 36 minute response time to follow up question (ON A SATURDAY!)
    11/11/2017: FedEx return shipping label received within 1.5 hours (ON A SATURDAY!)
    11/13/2017: Proactively notified by Schiit of a replacement unit shipping the next day and tracking #
    11/14/2017: Replacement shipped
    11/16/2017: Listening to replacement Modi Multibit

    In conclusion:
    Schiit has been extremely responsive via email to any questions or issues I've had. Extraordinary service considering some of those emails were sent on weekends and evenings! Response times have decreased with Schiit new support software, and it is evident that it facilitated a greater level of coordination from their staff.
  2. Music Alchemist
    I have also received stellar support from Schiit Audio. Owned the Modi Multibit (x2), Magni 2 Uber, Magni 2, Modi 2, Fulla 2, Fulla (x2), Wyrd, and SYS. I was impressed with the speed and detail of the information they provided. The few times there were issues, they went above and beyond to help me.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017

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