Schiit refusing to replace the mis-configured Jotunheim and blames me for it.

  1. Strangeparts
    Hi, this is my first account on Head-fi, and I really wish my first post could've been a more positive one instead.

    I made a more detailed post on reddit, with pictures of the email exchanges as well as a video of the problematic switch, which can be found here:

    I ordered a Jotunheim with DAC on the 12th of last month, and received an email shortly after my first unit arrived stating that there might be something wrong with the unit, and they would replace my unit after I send it back. I wrote them a glowing letter praising their generosity, despite only having spent a short amount time with it.

    The replacement unit that came was horribly mis-configured. It did not have a DAC, the box and unit itself stated it required 115V of power, as I ordered it, but a 240V plug was included instead, and the input switch was clanky, and even got stuck after a few tries.

    Schiit said they would replace the unit again, but once it was received, they communicate to me that a refund would be issued instead of the replacement I had waited nearly a month for because they could not find any problem with the switch, WHILE MENTIONING NOTHING ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE UNIT WAS HORRIBLY MIS-CONFIGURED.

    I am not here to bash Schiit, but as a poor college student who invested 800 Canadian dollars into his first amp to cope with a tough semester, this whole ordeal left me deeply hurt.
  2. Zadok
    Sorry to hear that happened to you. I've been following them, and recently they've been taking large steps to improve customer service, so maybe it happened at a awkward time for them? Either way, that's a tough break. My products from them have always worked well for years, so will you try again with them?
  3. Strangeparts
    Hi friend, thank you for replying, I appreciate it very much..

    I got burned petty badly by this incidence, as I really enjoyed my short time with the Jotunheim, and this is my first amp. I decided to invest in an amp to drive my akg k7xx and the HD 6xx coming soon during a tough school term. I actually thought about the purchase for a good month before finally placing the order, and frankly, I really am hurt by what had happened.

    I don't think I will be buying anything from Schiit again. I am looking at buying the audio gd R2R 11, which is attractive to me as I am also Chinese.

    Thanks again for the reply, friend =)
  4. Grimbles
    Just to look at this from a slightly different perspective, i appreciate the disappointment, time with misconfigured unit etc, but you have your dosh back and are free to either vote with your feet or re order if you really want a jot. I dont see why you are "burned so badly". Supplier took it back and gave you back your money, which you are free to spend as you see fit. You've got some wasted time but other than that, dont you think you are over egging the emotiveness here? "Poor student" etc who burns 800 wing wangs on a headphone amp? Come on mate, get real.
  5. Oscar-HiFi
    I totally agree with you here after reading that. It is up to the company to either send a replacement or a refund, they opted to give a full refund and all is sorted.

    Speaking of a recent fridge/freezer incident with Currys PC World, they delivered it damaged, refused to get a new one to me the next day, came and picked the broken one up 3 days larer and then I called about the refund and they said it had been "processed" which they refused to give me any proof of this. I had to get Paypal involved to get my money back from them, I opened a claim, Currys didn't respond so Paypal automatically refunded me. That sir is bad customer service.
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    The plug doesn't know nor care what voltage is coming out of the wall or what the equipment at the other end needs. It's just plugs connected by copper. If you have the proper voltage for your area just use wahtever cable is handy (ex what you use for a computer power supply), although sadly that isn't the problem.

    There's probably a shortage of units from the production line so they just issued a refund instead.
  7. Strangeparts
    Hello, thanks for replying.

    My emotional reaction and how I perceive the sequence of events have transpired is something I can only try and convey. Ultimately, the set of circumstances I found myself in did really cause me distraught, and I understand if a stranger on the internet cannot appreciate that, that is your right to comment.

    I really loved my short time with the actually defective Jotunheim. The first day I got it, I sat there for 7 hours straight listening to all the music I can recall. I wrote them a glowing letter praising them when I sent the unit away, and got sent something that was obviously not even looked at, and had actual switch quality issues. Schiit asked me if I wanted refund the second time or a replacement, and I told them all I want is a Jotunheim they can be proud of for personal use. I ordered the unit after much consideration, as the investment is for a very significant amount for me, but decided for it at the end.

    Instead of addressing the fact that the unit was sent back because, at the very least, it did not have the DAC I ordered, they use not being able to find a fault with the switch to say I will not be happy with whatever they send. No more communication after that, sudden stop.

    I read Jason's Schiit happened, and in the chapter on the worst customer ever, Jason talking about using sudden refund as a way to get rid of a customer.

    I just wanted a working Jotunheim, and honestly, I could've been very contempt with the set up of the set up I had was my endgame.

    I appreciate your comment. What I went through is significant for me, and you are welcome to voice your opinion as you see fit.
  8. Strangeparts
    Thanks for the reply!

    Fair enough, but combined with the fact that the it was missing the DAC add on, and the input switch on first try was akin to trying to move a badly rusted gear signals this unit was grabbed off the nearest shelf without even a second glance.

    Schiit offered a refund or replacement for the second unit, for which I explicitly told them all I wanted was a working unit for personal use. All I requested was they quality check the next unit so this would be the last thing sent on this order. I told them to take their time for testing.

    Schiit even showed me the shipping label for the next unit to be sent, and promised extra testing.

    Thanks again for your input.
  9. Strangeparts
    Hi, thanks for the reply!

    Your situation is much worse, I agree wholeheartedly. But this does not take away from the disappointment I felt.
  10. Grimbles
    chin up buddy. It is absolutely not the end of the world and i am sure you will find an amp that you love! I honestly dont intend to belittle you, rather i think you should contextualise this.
  11. Strangeparts
    Thanks for your kind words friend =)
  12. VGoghs earfrmsc
    Chinese, maybe you've heard of little dot made by a compatriot of yours. The mkiii is made with 650's specifically [ drives them very well ] in mind and can drive 702's as well. This being a tube amp means you can do some tube rolling to get sound nearer what you want, without buying new amp each time. They do DAC's as well but I know nought re them but there's plenty written about little dot and tube rolling on this site. Good luck.

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