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Schiit Ragnarok Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by barry s, Aug 19, 2014.
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  1. captblaze
    For what it does I have no complaints. It is a single purpose unit, so I rely on my DAC for headphone use. Other than that perhaps room acoustics play a part, but I doubt it considering I only swapped the amps and everything including tracks were all the same. Another thought is regarding power and what I have noticed with the LS50s is that they require good clean power to really shine (that and of course your need quality source material which is a crap shoot).

    oh and did I mention I have 54 year old hearing and spent my teens and early 20's going to many a live concert and for that I now hear nothing above 15 kHz. (according to my audiologist). Hence when I make a statement I try and qualify it with "the way I hear it"
  2. Snowpuppy77
    Well your implication that the reviewers are old does not mean that they hear like you or can't tell when they have come across excellent gear. They have heard many amps with the LS50. I would trust their experience more than most. That said I have been into high fi for several decades and have heard many different systems and typology at all price levels. The only situation I would ever consider a class D amp for is a subwoofer application. Their efficiency gives lots of power for low $s and compact space. However it is not seen in the best gear for a reason. If the LS50 were that inferior with the Ragnarok then I would personally avoid the LS50 or spend more than the Ragarok to get quality high power.
  3. UntilThen
    I wouldn't say that LS50 is inferior with Ragnarok. It sounded great to me at Addicted To Audio shop. However as with everything, there will always be something that is better. With the caveat that it's according to the reviewer's ears and equipment.

    I audition Ragnarok, Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP and Redgum RGi120ENR black series in the comfort of my lounge over a 3 weeks period. My source is Rega RP8 with Apheta MC cartridge and Avid Pellar phono stage and Pioneer PD D6 sacd player. My speakers are the Axis LS88 4 ohms floor standers in d'appolito configuration.

    Both Rag and Primaluna have a clean clear sound but compared to the Redgum, it sounded lightweight. Nothing objectionable to that. I could live happily with both Rag and Primaluna, especially Primaluna. However for my ears I prefer the more weighty and organic tonality that the Redgum produce, driving my speakers. These speakers can handle 300 watts with no problems.

    It's important you try to audition the gear for yourself and in your own home. Don't listen to reviews too much. Let your ears decide for you. Everyone have different preference.
  4. Snowpuppy77
    I would definitely trust reviewers over random people on the internet. But reviewers can definitely lead you the wrong way when it comes to your taste. I would not purchase anything without hearing. Use reviewers to help you get a short list of things to hear. There are definitely better amps than the Ragnarok. But not many for the price if the speaker works with the Raggy's lower power.
  5. captblaze

    the speakers may be different, but they are being driven by a battery powered class d amp.

    as to my age reference, it wasn't to disparage Steve Gutenberg, more to give perspective as to myself. I don't have the privilege of listening or acquiring everything in the audio world like he does. my dollars mean something to me and having a $1500 amp sitting around doing nothing isn't a luxury. far from it. the choice to me is clear and as a result my system configuration remains.

    Besides the Rag I own an Yggy and Valhalla 2, so it isn't about hating on Schiit Audio either. I find that the class d amp I have in my system presently provides the best experience for me (and that's all that matters)
  6. Snowpuppy77
    Now that is very nice with the battery power. A unique class D amp indeed. A unique amp indeed. Yes all that matters is how it works for you. The only equipment I can audition where I live is either mass market crap or ubber expensive stuff like Wilson, Rockport, and Dan D' Agostino. I start traveling to audio show to try to hear an even wider variety of stuff. Not always ideal conditions but still enlightening and lots of fun. Went to the last RMAF with my Dad and we had a blast. I actually met Herb Reichert and was very impressed by him. Super friendly and knowledgeable guy. There were several mega $ systems that I was not so impressed with. But heard lots of stuff that was incredible. My favorite amplification of the show was VAC.
  7. captblaze
    I haven't been to any shows in recent memory, but have been chasing "my" sound signature in the digital world since the CD was first released. I could kick myself now for selling of my vinyl collection. In my opinion the last half decade has seen digital audio get ever so close to realistic sounding that it has been difficult for me to decide on the direction I need to go with hardware. I feel this year my #1 system is set and I plan on keeping it in its current configuration for as long as possible.

    I set a ceiling of $4k for the audio components, and I kept pretty close as long as you don't count the computer I built to anchor the system. I did have the RAG doing all the amp chores, but decided to go class d when I got a listen to a setup similar to mine that had a class d amp. Now don't get me wrong. As I stated in my last post I own a few pieces of Schiit. My nightstand has a Valhalla 2 connected to a Blue Sound Node 2 powering a set of HD700 headphones. My Yggy still gets use, it is only the Rag that sits in storage. Before I had the LS50's I was using Rag to power some Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary speakers and was happy. That changed when I switched DACs and also speakers. I never really paid attention to the power requirements of the LS50's because the Denton's are 6 ohm and Rag has enough grunt for them, but at an 8 ohm load there just isn't enough there to really give the LS50s a good push.
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  8. US Blues
    The obvious solution is a pair of Vidar's. :sunglasses:
  9. Loquah
    This thread is a little quiet, but if anyone happens to drop in who has heard both the Rag and the Bottlehead Mainline, can you tell me how they stack up?
  10. Maelob
    Finally after 4 years waiting, pulled the trigger on a used one- will be using with the infamous Geek XFI DAc- to power Sony Z1r and ATC-SMC-7v3 speakers on my desktop. Can’t wait!
  11. Mike-WI
    Ragnorak ordered.
    Interested in update on this: "BACKORDERED TO 6/3"
  12. ericx85
    I'm thinking a lot of people ordered them recently. I ordered my Ragnarok on May 15th, it said shipping the week of 6/3 for me as well due to backorder. My order still hasn't updated so who knows. Though the website now says backordered till 7/3 but still 6/3 on my order. Just be patient. If anything it's a bill you don't have to worry about yet lol.

    I'm glad I got my Yggdrasil when I did though, it went on backorder right after I got mine. Loving it
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  13. Mike-WI
    Me too. Got my Yggy.
  14. Maelob
    New owner here, just connected by Z1R and they sound really nice but just noticed that even with the lowest gain, I can still hear music when the volume is off. Is that ok? I guess this thing is really powerful and my Z1R really sensitive.
  15. r0dd3r5
    My Ragnarok is the same with speakers, haven't tried this with headphones.
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