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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. paradoxper
    I'd say the Mytek was totally unenjoyable. But that's just me.
    Mytek is quite bright, Gungnir is too, but to a lesser extent M51 is a bit warm, very laid back sound.
    Some find the Mytek awesome and Gungnir meh, this hobby is just quirky.
    Find what seems to fit your preferences best.
  2. magiccabbage
    what would you recommend for 1500 - 2000?
  3. paradoxper
    M51 or Lynx Hilo would be front runners. Pure DAC is also looking interesting.
    It'd be a big mistake for me to leave the Octave out of the running.
  4. pelli
    I don't think your question ever got answered, but if I missed it, my bad!  Yes you can run 3 amps simultaniously off the Gungir ( XLR, 2 RCA).  I have mine hoked up to Mujlnir, and i2 other amps.  I run multiple at the same time quite often.
  5. Gerzom

  6. ejwiles
    Thanks.  I disabled all of those and didn't notice any change.  Your reply did prompt me to go into the EQ in Foobar, which was all messed up from trying to get better sound straight out of my laptop.  I zero'd the EQ and it cleared the sound up a bunch.  [​IMG] 
  7. Mysteri0
    Well I made the plunge and got the überfrost and the Asgard 2 for my K701s/DT 990 250ohm to use on my home desktop.. Should arrive shortly..
  8. balancebox
    hmm shipping for uber card it self is 30 to canada =( anyone know where I can get it cheaper
  9. Tman5293
    The only way to get Schiit products cheaper than on the Schiit website is to buy them used. The for sale section here on Head-Fi is a good place to look.
  10. balancebox
    ya I brought a bifrost local and a lyr from another headfier both on the way but need uber card XD
    maybe I will wait a while... before I have enough cash for it
  11. jaywillin
    i bought a demo bifrost, got a good price, it sounds great , and bought the uber board when i had the cash
    now it definitely is an upgrade, don't get me wrong, but, its not like its a night and day difference
    be patient keep on the lookout on the for sale thread, even put an ad up for one,
    you might could try some dealers, there are some dealers , i got my demo from audio advisor
  12. Netrum
    If i am lucky, i will be a happy owner of a Asgard 2 by wednesday or thursday.
    I am so excited my stomach acted up and prevented me from going to work today. :p
  13. Tman5293

    So one could say that you felt like Schiit? :D
    Netrum likes this.
  14. Netrum
    Hahaha good one sir. :p
  15. Gerzom
    Just received confirmation that my Asgard 2 will arrive on Wednesday, looking forward to hearing the difference on my Grado between the music direclty from my iPad vs via the Asgard.

    Should be great, based on what I've read so far. :D
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