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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. Tman5293
    Yes it can. I have the Lyr. It is fully capable of blowing headphone speakers if you turn it up too loud. Though you would severely damage your hearing long before that happened. After all, it is a 6 watt amp.
  2. ejwiles
    Don't think it's a cable issue.  I think I was just looking to turn it up to 11.  Normal listening level is about 10 o'clock.
  3. ejwiles
    I've checked Windows and Foobar, both at 100%.  Is there another layer possibly in there somewhere that I'm missing?  I'm using a Dell laptop, so could there be some bloatware in there somewhere as well?
  4. wahsmoh
    I think DT880s are really inefficient tbh. I run an Asgard 2 and Uberfrost with mine with 250 ohm DT880s and 12'oclock is perfect with high gain switch on. They sound properly amplified with the A2 though
  5. UmustBKidn
    Yes, there is. Sort of. It's tied to your windows volume control, but it's probably worth looking under Control Panel -> Sound, select your sound device, and click the Properties button. That will pop up a dialog like the one below. Browse through the settings just to make sure things are what they should be, namely, all sound effects off, and all volumes set up to max. Oh and yes, by all means, get rid of all the bloatware that you can. I do that religiously whenever I get a new box.
    Well, I should say, some folks like those settings off. Some like them on [​IMG] When I'm on the system with my not-so-good ATH M40 cans, I equalize those things like mad. Because they really need it. But I usually do that in itunes, not in control panel. For some reason, the EQ in control panel sucks compared to the one in itunes.
  6. magiccabbage
    Anyone know if the new schiit dac will compete with the Mytek 192 or WFS DAC2?
  7. paradoxper
    Gungnir is already better than both. 
  8. magiccabbage
    How do you make that out? If you haven't heard YGGDRASIL? Doesn't the Gungnir have the same chip-set as the bit frost, only difference I could see it that it has 2. 
    Hopefully they will have a better DAC in the YGGDRASIL
  9. Gerzom
    Hi! i have a question regarding hooking up my incomming Asgard 2 to my Gungnir. Right now I'm using my Gungnir as the dac to play Spotify over my main system as well as the external dac for my cd player. So both sources are linked to Gungnir and then I hooked my Gungnir via xlr to my pre-amp. Can I just use the rca out-puts of the Gungnir to connect to my Asgard 2 and still keep using my onther sources to play over my speakers?

  10. gefski

    I wonder what a BIT FROST is, who makes it, what it's design is, and how much it costs?
  11. vincent215
    Wow a Gungnir for spotify with mp3 320kps. 
    How does it sound to you? Do you hear any differences with other dac that you have/had?
  12. paradoxper
    Yes, the Bifrost and Gungnir sound exactly alike. My bad.
    Too much is focused on chipsets, there are other things to consider. 
    I've heard enough of the Mytek to know I do not like it and I'd prefer a whole slew of DACs over it.
  13. Gerzom
    Before this I used a Bifrost, and compaired to that Gungnir sounds more mature, just an overall improvement in details, staging, bass, etc. I'm also using it now as an external dac to my cd player (Electrocompaniet EMC-1) and there I notice a slicht improvement in staging and bass as well. So yes at first, it sounds like an overkill for Spotify, but in my system (Electrocompaniet pre and power amp and Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento speakers) it works really well and I couldn't be more happy with my Gungnir.
  14. Erukian
    FYI, Spotify uses Ogg Vorbis not MP3, and listening to high quality lossy audio at 320kbps for some is a small price to pay for access to millions of records.
    That said, my Gun+Mjo+LCD-2, I suspect I can hear a difference, but it's just a suspicion as Spotify premium does sound very good.
  15. magiccabbage
    interesting, the mytek is on my list but i prefer the look of the WFS dac2  and the nadm51. was the mytek bright? i use the t1 so i don't want more brightness
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