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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. pdrm360
    No, Generally!
  2. Gerzom
    Slight change of plans, I bought a used Grado SR-325si yesterday evening, so based on that, I changed my Schiit-order to an Asgard 2. The amp should arrive next week, so can't wait to hook it all up and start listening  [​IMG]
  3. NZheadcase

    Buy a good quality USB cable for its build and robustness, not for how it sounds. :) No need to go uber expensive, just a good one will do.
  4. jaywillin
    i started with a mid priced generic from walmart type
    i've since gone entry level "audiophile" brand, usb, rca interconnect, nothing over $30, but well built
  5. ejwiles
    Good advice.  Thanks!
  6. balancebox
    i just have those normal usb cables... cant finally any premium ones on monoprice :/
  7. paradoxper
    You've been given multiple sources for good cables, both in price and quality.
  8. balancebox
    yup thanks paradoxper ^^
    schiit shipping and cable are too much for me ^^;;;
  9. ejwiles
    Listening to my M/M Schiit stack right now...it sounds awesome!  Only question that I have relates to volume.  I kind of expected it to be louder.  I've seen a bunch of posts about digitally attenuating volume because the Magni can be so loud.  People have said the volume even at 10 o'clock was extremely loud.  I can turn mine up all the way, and it gets loud, but not insanely loud or anything.  Very linear between 0-100% and sounds great throughout the whole range.  I wouldn't listen to it at max for hours though.  I'm using Beyer 880 Pro 250's.  Volume through Windows 7 is 100%.  Just wondering if this is normal, or if I already need MORE POWER???
  10. FangJoker
    The 250 ohms probably require a little more juice than what the amp is putting out.
  11. UmustBKidn
    I frequently listen to my M+M stack with Beyer DT770 pro 250 ohm cans. They are the best set I own so far. They do seem a bit more power hungry than my other cans, but I don't have a lot to compare to.
    With my laptop (also win7) volume at max, and the Magni volume set just under 3 o'clock, I have a decent range of adjustment in iTunes. With those settings, 30% in iTunes is a moderate level, and 90% is quite loud. My volume setting in Foobar 2000 is also right at 50%.
    I have never been able to turn my Magni up to full volume. I guess I could, but honestly I wouldn't ever listen to it that loud. Of course, at almost 3 o'clock, I don't have much range left to go. But I don't max my volume in iTunes, and adjust with the Magni (as some recommend). If I were doing that, the setting on my Magni would be much lower.
    ...ok, I decided to try that. With my laptop at max volume, and itunes at max volume, adjusting the Magni to a volume I would listen to for the length of an album, I get about 11 o'clock on the Magni. If I crank it up to a level where it's on the verge of disturbing, I see about 1:30. I would not turn it up any higher for very long, and definitely not all the way up.
    Gah, sorry to keep editing this post, but I remembered something else ... when I was comparing the Modi to the Pure i-20 iPod DAC, I recall that the Pure i-20 drove my Magni a lot harder than the Modi did. After running for an hour or so, the Magni was much warmer than it ever gets when driven by the Modi. I postulated at the time that the output level of the Pure i-20 was higher than the Modi (though I don't know by how much). It was also much brighter and annoying (might have had something to do with that). Anyhow, that makes me wonder if another DAC might drive the Magni harder? Which might in turn give you more headroom on higher impedance cans? I don't know. On the other hand, I'm not sure that would be wise. I'm sure that Mike and Jason designed the Modi to drive the Magni at what they consider a proper level. Hitting it harder might have undesired side effects. Hmm.
    Finally, I wonder if you might have a cable issue? My cables are monoprice, mediabridge, and radio shack. Definitely nothing fancy, but they work. If you have other cables laying around, might be worth swapping things around a bit, just to make sure something hasn't gone wonky.
  12. LibraryGuy
    I'd second checking your cables against another set. 
    My Magni drove a set of Mad Dogs to painful levels before 12 o'clock unless I backed off on the digital volume. It certainly has the grunt factor. Admittedly, the impedance on those is low, so regardless of their sensitivity the Magni was perfectly happy to drive drive drive.
    I also just noticed that Jason's profile has the Rag and Ygg listed in his inventory. Color me jealous.
  13. Gnomeplay
    I'd also assume it's your headphones being 250 Ohms. I've driven planar headphones through the Magni to unlistenable levels, they're rated at 32ohms though.
  14. balancebox
    I was reading the lyr spec on schiit can it really damage headphone?
  15. Barry S

    HD650s are 300 ohms and I can't make it past 10 o'clock. Unless the the DT880s are really inefficient cans, something is limiting the signal. Sometimes additional audio software can limit the output with its own volume control--I'd check for that, too.
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