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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. balancebox
    want one for like 300... :p
  2. Tman5293
    Good luck finding that. You might find a Valhalla for that price. Maybe.
  3. KLJTech
    What brand/type socket savers are some of you using and where's the best place to pick them up? 
    Thanks so much!
  4. john777

    Tubemonger are what I used. I have a pair spare at the moment, but cannot decide whether to keep or sell.
  5. balancebox
    what do you guys to connect your schiit bifrost amp to lyr dac? is there like a 90 degree cable that just the perfect length for it or you have to make your own
  6. kothganesh
    Don't mean to be picky but it's the Bifrost DAC and the Lyr amp :smile:. Anyway, I use the PYST RCA cables from Schiit. These things are meant for the Bifrost/Lyr or Asgard. Just make sure you stack the amp ON TOP of the Bifrost.
  7. paradoxper
    You can use Schiit's PYST or BJC or Markertek to connect 
  8. Eee Pee
    From all the way on the bottom of this page: http://schiit.com/products/pyst-cables
  9. Eee Pee
    A picture of the Monoprice 1.5 foot RCAs with the pieces of shrink tube cut off and cables pulled apart, and their pretty sweet 1 foot long power cords.
    ~$5 total.
  10. balancebox
    I'm thinking about buying from monoprice too, maybe a coaxial cable as well. just wondering from the lyr RCA out what do you guys use it for? speakerS?
    thanks guys
  11. HPiper
    Second...or maybe third that Monoprice cable reference. I just got a pair and they are really nice cables for less than half what my Monster cables cost. I am going to get a couple more as well.
  12. jaywillin
    I use the preouts to control my powered speakers, PSB ps1s
  13. Gerzom
    Hi, I ordered a Schiit Modi today to upgrade my office desktop sound. Now I'm thinking of adding a Magni to the stack to take my first steps into head-fi.
    Questions I have is would the Magni work well a Grado SR-60i or SR-80i?
    I'm using a Gungnir in my main system and am really, really happy with the sound of Schiit (had a Bifrost before the Gungnir)
    Also what would be the better choise to start with head-fi, the SR-60 or 80, or what other suggestions in the 100-170 euro price range come to mind that would work well with Schiit :D

  14. john777
    Hi Fi + magazine issue 104 October 2013 review of Modi, Magni and PYST
  15. ejwiles
    According to FedEx, my Shiit M/M and PYST RCA cables will be delivered tomorrow!  I'm going to stop on my way home from work to pick up a USB cable.  Is there any difference between a $5 v. $25 v. $50 USB cable?  Sorry if this is a noob question.  Is a more expensive USB noticeably better?  Thanks.
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