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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. noobandroid
    is it only me or schiit site is not working
  2. SoulSyde
    Working fine here.
  3. RMiller
    Works here as well :)
  4. markm1
    I think you're unique position to be in possession of Both Dac-It and Bifrost...as many of us have looked at both and wondered how they compare. My guess is they are both awesome.
  5. jaywillin
    yes, i'm really looking forward to it, and the dacIT is really growing on me, the bifrost has a tough job ahead
  6. gefski

    Will you be feeding the dacs via USB or SPDIF? Lossless files on a computer or...?
  7. jaywillin
    Most of my downloads are flac and wav played through jriver though the majority of my listening is spotify and mog
  8. imahawki

    Did you have just a hum or did you have the scratchy volume knob as well?
  9. gefski

    The flac & wav files with either dac should give a very transparent window on the music, spotify & mog significantly less so has been my experience.

    Should be fun! Be sure & allow the Bifrost time for "listener burn-in" as you have done with the Dacit.
  10. mazzelectra


    Yep - had a little of both in the mix :/ Scratchiness only when turning the VOL knob in certain ranges.
  11. tuna47
    I have the bifrost uber listen to spotify and CDs through an optical cable the difference is much greater on the CDs than on spotify I had the odac
    Bifrost blows it away
  12. jaywillin
    No DAC can make lesser source material sound good, you have to start with material
  13. ngyu
    Agreed. A better DAC will just be able to reproduce the source material with more clarity and transparency. No DAC can make a 128kbps mp3 sound better than a flac, or heck, a 320kbps mp3 file. 
  14. tuna47
    I listen to spotify at 320 not bad but not like a cd going through the bifrost uber. The nice thing about spotify is you get to try tons of music things you may never have thought of its endless
  15. IorekByrnison
    To be fair, a 128kbps MP3 sounds like trash even coming through iPhone earbuds from an iPhone. I remember the blissfully ignorant days of Napster when it was shocking how amazing the quality we could fit into such tiny bits of space was, and 128kbps was mindblowing... not so much anymore.
    I strongly doubt the large, large majority of people can tell the difference between a V0 and a 320 without Bifrost-tier gear or better, or between either of those and FLAC, and even with the gear necessary and some especially unforgiving cans like the T70, it's very, very close. (This is assuming 16/41khz standard) I have a few recordings that are very quiet beyond the music (jazz, solo piano, etc) where the difference between V0/320 and lossless becomes much more stark, but as the layers and complexity increase, the discernible difference rapidly decreases. As far as what the human ear can even hear in the first place, V0/320 come very, very close to lossless - it's arguable that past the age of 16 or so, you provably won't be able to tell a V0 from a 320, even. 
    My collection is mostly 320, V0 and ALAC (because iTunes, ugh), but some things I just haven't been able to find in better quality yet. I can't even comprehend not keeping a personal music library - the huge, huge majority of music I like isn't on any of those web services - and it's not because i'm ~so indie~, it's just because I listen primarily to music that isn't in english or is from countries where english isn't the primary language. In my experience, Spotify and the like almost completely ignore anything that falls in that category, especially if it's non-western. Just by browsing forums and watching new posts on the private torrent trackers I frequent, I'm constantly coming across more new music I'm interested in than I can possibly listen to, 99% of it not available on Spotify.
    As a result, I have a music drive at home along with an identical backup copy I refresh monthly, as well as an external drive at the office serving as an offsite backup, which I keep always up to date by synchronizing it through a fourth backup in the form of a portable mini-external. I lost my whole collection and backups to a power supply failure when I was 16... and never, ever again. Main site, main site backup, portable/pocket backup and offsite backup are now mandatory. I'd love the ease of a web service that allowed me to not do that, but then I'd never be able to listen "off the grid"... so I guess I'll always be tending to a library on my own.
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