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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. RMiller
    A2 between 9 and 11 for me... gets really loud after that unless the source is extra quiet.
  2. Rem0o
    Valhalla with HD650 from 2V output, anywhere between 9 to 12 o'clock, depending of the recording.
  3. kothganesh
    9-11 o clock for me for any of the Schiit amps together with the Ortho HPs.
  4. bigjohn1

    Depends on the music I am listening to, and my mood.  If I am listening to something and want to rock-out (be it rock, metal, rap, hip-hop, country, etc.) I will usually have the volume knob around 9-11 o'clock.
    If I am just chilling out or listening while I am working form home, it is usually between 7-9 o'clock (or as you put it, not too loud, not too low).
    Also, since I am using HD518s at home, if my wife is also working in the and on a conference call, I will lower the volume so the phone does not pick up the leakage from the headphones.
    (or I will just put on my HD428s instead and crank the volume...)
  5. Llloyd
    I think you would notice a major improvement across the board. When people say certain things sound like they have a "veil" in comparison, well it will be like this when thinking of your odac only more extreme. That's a big jump, so it would be very easy to notice differences in every category of sound IMO. I would be very shocked if there was any area where the odac was equal.
  6. IorekByrnison
    I listen to death metal at 12:00 on the Valhalla at work sometimes but that's about the limits of what I can take before I suspect my hearing would begin taking damage. Usually I'm somewhere between 9:00-12:00, and over the day I slowly rise from 9-12 as I adjust
  7. jaywillin
    what the general feeling as to sticking with the optical(for which i would need a converter) or going with the usb on the bifrost ??
    i'm seriously considering the bifrost, and if i had the cash, i'd go ahead and get usb and uber
    but i'm thinking of getting one or the other for now
  8. Llloyd
    schiit recommends spdif. Why not get the uber considering that will be an improvement in sound. I doubt you would find much of a difference using usb.
  9. joebobbilly

    If you have to spend money on a converter... then screw it, save up a bit more and go straight for USB and the Uber (why pay again later for shipping and possibly installing fee?). You eventually will likely pick up the uber anyhow.
  10. sjeffrey
    I did a comparison between spdif and USB and I have to say USB was hands down better. USB was clear while spdif sounded veiled. However spdif was through onboard sound so maybe not the best source.
  11. Llloyd
    Yeah, I missed the part that he would need a converter which, might as well go usb at that point anyway.
  12. gefski

    Yes! $100 for usb gen 2 and $70 for uber analog are bargains just for the versatility you'll have over the next year or so to do whatever you want input-wise.
  13. tjcaustin
    So, this seems a good a place as any... 
    I've got JH13pros, grado sr225is and am soon to have akg k701s, he400s and ath-a900x (to audition, dunno if I'll keep them all, but found them all used in good condition sooo).  I mainly use a fiio x3 to listen to what I currently have and am curious if I need/should get a modi to go along with a magni if I'm using the x3 as my source, what with it's decent DAC.
    Thanks for any advice.
  14. joebobbilly
    If you're powering IEMs as detailed as JH13... I'd argue go Asgard 2 and Bifrost. Or at least A2... the low gain and high gain versatility makes it a better "do all" amp for your collection of cans... so in the end, your HE 400s and your JH13s will thank you.
  15. tjcaustin
    Amusingly (to me at least), I was able to find cheaper used he400s, ath-a900xs *and* a used A2 which has only got me spending ~$30 more than I'd originally had planned, instead of the $150 I was debating.
    So yeah, I'll be getting an Asgard 2 lol.
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