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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Dark Helmet
    Sorry I have no experience with Windows 8.1, and wish I could help.
  2. RickB

    I have an Asus laptop with 8.1. When I plug my Modi into the USB 2.0 port, it shows the exact symptoms you're describing. However, when I plug it into a USB 3.0 port, it works pretty well. Which is weird, considering most people seem to have trouble with 3.0 ports.
  3. bgalakazam
    -- SOLVED --
    When I was using the USB 3 port I hade 50%+ system usage. So I solved the issue as follows:
    - uninstalled all ASMedia USB 3 drivers
    - restarted
    - plugged in Modi to blue USB 3 slot
    - disabled all enhancements
    - disabled applications taking exclusive control of device
    Seems that there is a problem with the ASUS chipset drivers for USB 2.0 when Modi is used there. Temporary solution is to use the USB 3 slots. If you have high "system" process usage, remove the drivers and use the generic USB 3 drivers.
    I will inform Schiit about this.
  4. RickB
    No, I don't get high system process usage. But I had enhancements and exclusive mode disabled already for other reasons.
  5. bgalakazam
    Glad we could sort this out. :)
  6. joespride
    New Modi today in system which consists of laptop, Schiit valhalla, Schiit Modi, and Sennhieser Hd-650, all music ripped loss less WAV
    I started with sennhiesers directly to laptop, sound was good but no real depth you basically heard what sounded like a low bit mp3
    Install the Valhalla directly from the 3.5 output Huge improvement hearing some good nuance now, but alot of grain, vocals on decay sound rough and grainy...........got really excited for a bit but it was becoming harder and harder to set and listen the grain was irritating to say the least. 
    Install the Modi (I wanted Bifrost just don't have the $$$ and not likely to get it any time soon, so spent a few days looking at low cost usb dac's finally said the hell with it and pulled trigger on Modi)  Now it's not broke in been playing under 1 hour and can hear the grain seems gone, I picked up on some new nuances I've never heard before in general things seem cleaner / clearer. with more insight
    Bass gets a little muddy with complicated passages,  The amp made the biggest improvement and the Modi just kinda cleaned everything up
    all in all very happy with the setup as is and doubt i will worry with bifrost any time soon even if money frees up
  7. RickB

    BTW, could you provide a download link for the generic USB drivers?
  8. Dark Helmet
    Anyone using the iFi iUSB power supply with their Modi?  Curious to hear what improvement is.
  9. 65535
    Are you having power requirement issues with your Modi?
    If the unit is functioning normally don't expect a noticeable difference in sound.
  10. Dark Helmet
    No, but I have read in a review that it improves the sound by providint cleaner power and the difference is noticeable.  I just wanted to see if anyone here on the board had used it and the results.
  11. Edward777
    Does it make sense to get the Modi to go along with a Magni if I primarily listen to my music off a portable CD player? I know the Modi is USB-powered, so I'm not sure if it'd work unless I'm planted near my computer. Plus, is it necessary or does it add to the experience to use a DAC with a CD player? Thanks!
  12. 65535
    The only CD player I know of that has USB output is a computer. It's strictly a USB DAC which means it really only works with computers and USB host devices as many mobile devices support now, though power consumption is usually higher than allowed for mobile devices.
  13. stupidmop
    Looks interesting. I've never noticed my modi being noisy and me ears r preety keen imo. Plus $200 is more than I can afford. I'm a poor man in this hobby :frowning2: Not a good combo
    Edit: Probing around the iFi website I ran across an iFi USB iPurifier, only $99. Might have to try one of these :)
  14. 65535
    Do yourself a favor and don't.
    The engineers at Schiit spent the time to ensure that the DAC performs well on your computers USB.
    If you really want to try better USB power get a reputable USB hub and run it off that. If you notice a difference consider the iFi or similar USB power injector (you can buy power injector cables at a fraction of the cost). Don't just dump $200 in a "power supply." Especially a $100 filter.
  15. Dark Helmet
    Read the reviews on the iUSB. For a budget system it is a bit much. Not that the Modi is bad, far from it, but the improvement the iUSB would make would be worth it for me as opposed to buying a better dac which would be more than $200. I'm running mine into a Bottlehead Crack an want a bit more tightness out of it.
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