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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. bdr529
    I am assuming the new imac is using the intel haswell z87 chipset? I have a very similar problem with my haswell based computer running windows 8. It just continuously appears and disappears. I am pretty sure in my case it is a lack of USB power, or something along those lines. I can only get it to work in an external powered USB hub, like the one built into my monitor.

    edit, found something:

  2. Xcellere
  3. dremic
    Hey guys! 
     I need a little bit of help. I brought my DAC and AMP ( Modi & Magni ) to work. The computers here are windows xp. 
    I can only get sound out of one of the ears on my headphones. . . and the volume isnt adjustable on the windows side.
    Am I missing something? as far as I know these are plug and play unlike the bifrost and some others.
    any help is much appreciated.
  4. Darknet
    Hey guys,
    I'm sorry if this has already been answered, but I recently bought a new ultrabook which, unfortunately, only has usb 3.0 ports. Is anyone aware of any way of getting a usb 2.0 dac (specifically the modi of course) to work well with a usb 3.0 port?
    I've tried the modi with my current laptop's usb 3.0 and it causes cutting off/ skipping every so often which gets really annoying. If there really isn't a solution then well I guess time to move the schiit stack to the desktop which  actually has usb 2.0 outputs :/. Oddly enough the Aune t1 seems to work perfectly fine with a usb 3.0 output so I'm not sure whether its computer dependant or DAC dependent (haven't tried the modi with my desktop usb 3.0)
  5. Traum
    When I first bought my Modi, I ran into a similar issue, except that it wasn't the USB port's doing (I had the Modi plugged into a USB 2.0 port). Rather, it was because of a cheap and noisy USB cable. The clicking / skipping went away as soon as I swapped a better shielded cable with a ferrite bead at either end.

    If you have another cable lying around, it's at least worth a try.
  6. Xcellere
    I just received the cable I linked to earlier, and it works briefly (maybe for 10 seconds) and then it turns off again. Would hooking the DAC up to an externally powered USB hub make any difference? I ask only because I assumed the DAC would receive the same voltage from the external USB hub as it would the onboard USB.
  7. frequencies
    Hi, I'm about buying Modi and wonder if anyone here is using Linux (Ubuntu 13.10) and had any problems with it?
  8. masterwu
    response to Xcellere
    i received my M&M stack just this week and i haven't experienced any problems with the modi being run off a crappy netbook Dell Inspiron Mini that's a few years old.  the sound is clean - no crackling (unless it's in the music) -- maybe i just got lucky?
    Anyway i read in this forum that an external AC powered USB could be the solution to your problem - that is it seems like the Modi is underpowered by your laptop's USB port - have you tried all the USB ports?
  9. Oklahoma
    Usb 3 has issues with usb dacs due to the way the new protocol works.  Many dacs have had this issue and as of right now I don't think there is a solution. You would need to find a way to make that usb3 port act like a usb2 port either through potentially a hub or other piece of equipment, not sure exactly what might work.
  10. bdr529

    The hub built into your computer will be limited in power compared to an external powered USB hub you plug into the wall. People recommend powered hubs for external hard drives and things like that. I guess this DAC is a little power hungry.

    I don't want to make any promises, but that is what worked for me. Mine works flawlessly plugged into my apple cinema display which has a powered USB hub built in. Plugged directly into my PC it does exactly what you recorded in your video.
  11. bgalakazam
    My Mody turns off after a few minutes of usage. Have to replug it. I thought it was a Windows 8.1 problem, but may be a USB power thing. Power saving is turned off, I have latest BIOS and AMD chipset drivers. I'll look into a USB hub.
  12. Dark Helmet

    Have you tried another USB cable? I have noticed that if I touch the USB cable at the plug end, on either end, while music is playing it will cause the music to stop.
  13. bgalakazam
    No, but I have the same symptoms sometimes. I only have 1 USB cable with the square USB end, though. I will try to test that as well before I buy anything else.
    edit: I don't have an issue in the blue USB 3 port, but "system" process is 50%+ when that port is used and my computer lags. This is with Windows drivers and ASMedia drivers for the USB.
  14. Dark Helmet
    Have you e-mailed Schiit and asked them?
  15. bgalakazam
    The problem is with the Windows 8.1 and motherboard. No issue on other computers. But I tried changing the drivers, updating chipset, different USB ports, now different USB cable. What happens when the music stops is the whole computer slows down to almost a freeze. Usually 5-15min within sound usage. Then I have to disconnect the DAC USB and sometime it's fixed, sometimes hard reset is needed. Nothing in the Windows logs indicating a USB or power failure. The only other USB item is my Razer mouse and it's in the USB3 slot.
    I mean, I'm an IT guy and Windows certified, I keep my drivers and systems updated and clean. I don't know why this doesn't like the DAC. I'll have to try with a dedicated USB card.
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