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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. x838nwy

    Unless you're going custom-made, there are right angle rca adaptors available.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    He needs them shorter so I don't think adapters will work. He's just going to have to customize, or ask anyone doing short line-out cables with 3.5mm phono plugs if they can do two conductors on RCA plugs instead.
  3. x838nwy

    The pyst cables are like 6" or sometiing. May be someone like Brian at BTG can do it shorter from right angle to right angle.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    @austonia, I'd go with the above suggestion - see if they can customize the PYST cables first.
  5. austonia Contributor
  6. austonia Contributor
    with modi, is it better to set foobar output (w/ wasapi) at 16bit or 24bit? grand majority of my files are at 16 
    edit: 16bit seems to sound better
  7. HPiper

    I thought 24 sounded better to me, the other reason I leave it set at that is because I don't want to keep switching it back and forth depending on what I am listening to. If you only listen to 16 bit files then just leave it at 16. Probably makes little difference.
  8. vipervick
    I have my Schiit stack, but have yet to set them up. I don't even have headphones yet!!! I also just installed Foobar, it looks so basic. I don't have any add-ons for it yet. Does it matter?
  9. nainaidebi
    I was going to order an ODAC and used Asgard. I don't see the need for the ODAC now! Lower price, will just wait for a couple of reviews but I don't doubt the quality of it, and Schiit is 45 mins away from me, I'd rather support the in-state local boys!
  10. vipervick
    Initial listening to my stack!!! Good so far, but I'm at work and don't have anything good to listen to. Only Youtube music =(
    And a cheap pair of Phillips, with a 1/4" adapter... Phillips SHL1700
  11. Oklahoma
    Ok, so finally going to get around to a review since I have been using my Modi for a couple weeks now.
    First impression is holy cow this thing is small my router is almost twice as big as the Modi.  It is built like a tank though; all metal construction and 4 rubber feet that you get to put on.
    My setup currently is: Computer>Audioquest Forest 1.5m USB>Schiit Modi>Audioquest 1m Golden Gate RCA to RCA>M-Audio AV40 Speakers.
    Coming from the Audioquest Dragonfly sound quality is way up there. Initial differences are the Modi seems to have more in the upper end than the Dragonfly.  I would say the Modi is smoother than the Dragonfly but it isn't lacking in the bass it is just very well controlled.  I enjoy the sound of both the Dragonfly and the Modi.
    When using my B&W P7 with the Dragonfly through the speakers headphone amp it sounded muddled and lost definition but with the Modi the P7's actually opened up and sounded phenomenal.
    Overall for the price per performance I haven't thus far heard better.
  12. gabbadabbadoo
    I am a big fan of the Magni/Modi combo for an Office Setup. I think the Modi is quite the DAC for the price and I can store both on top of each other in my little cabinet drawer.
    The only downfall is I have a lot of people coming over to my cube to ask me what the heck all of it is... 
  13. vipervick
    I find the Modi makes my work computer freeze up though. I have to unplug the USB, and hard shut-down the pc.
  14. RMiller
    That's weird... which OS do you have?
  15. vipervick
    Win 7 Pro 64. But, it's a highly restricted corporate LAN.
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