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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Barry S

    I have no good reason to buy a Vali, but I sure want one. The Modi pairs so well with the Magni--I expect the Vali/Modi combo will be very nice. I have Crack/Speedball on order, so I suppose I should build that before I order a Vali.  Not sure if I've seen any comments on the Modi+ Crack.
  2. chachi
    Just recieved my Modi DAC in the mail today, but for some reason I cannot hear anything! My setup is PC>Modi>FiioE9>Headphones.
    The light on the Modi is on, and when I go to my audio settings it says Schiit Modi DAC, but it is "greyed" out.. anyone else have this problem?
    This is what it looks like when I open my audio control panel.
  3. x838nwy
    ^ driver issues may be? Try downloading the latest version from the schiit website.
  4. PanpandaChan
    I dont remember how the audio stuff in XP is setup but if its anything like Windows 7...
    1. When I right click the volume icon next to the clock, I can click "Playback Devices"
    2. Once I do that, a window opens up with a list that says "Select a playback device below to modify its settings:"
    3. In that list, I can right click the empty space and enable "Show disabled devices"
    4. At that point, check if the Modi is listed there, if its there and greyed out, just right click and uncheck "Disabled"
    5. right click the Modi and "Set as Default Device"
  5. chachi
    I'm not exactly sure how to get to that on XP, but the default device is the Modi.
    I don't think there are any drivers available for the modi, when I try to download the ones on Schiit, it does not recognize the device.
  6. x838nwy
    You're right. It says on the Schiit site that a driver isn't needed. Sorry, poor suggestion.
  7. PanpandaChan
    Yea its been a while since I used XP :\ none of the PCs at home have it, so I cant help ya there.
  8. RMiller
    Which XP is that? SP3? Is it the original version or perhaps something modded?
  9. chachi
  10. RMiller
    It could be something wrong with the Windows installation. I'd try upgrading it to SP3 if possible and if nothing else works.
  11. vipervick
    Is it better to buy direct on the Schiit website, or through Amazon? Just curious.
  12. PanpandaChan
    I think its the same either way, even if you buy from Amazon, its shipped from Schiit if I remember correctly.
    I'd buy straight from Schiit so they get to keep more of the profit.
  13. Transmaniacon
    Is it possible to use this DAC as a standalone with an RCA to 3.5mm female cable?
  14. x838nwy

    You mean to drive headphones directly? Probably not a good idea. From my understanding, the modi (or most sources) has an output impedance in the region of 10's or 100's ohms. An amplifier (the load in this case) should have an input impedance a few orders of magnitude higher than the source (dac) so that the current drawn by the amplifier from the source is negligible. This is good as we're transferring a voltage signal and the dac is not designed to provide much current at its output. Headphones, even high z ones, are only of 100's of ohms in their impedance. This will draw quite a bit more current from the dac and is likely to distort its output signal.

    And now someone with a better understanding of these things will corrrect my explanation, I'm sure. But the answer will still be no.
    Transmaniacon likes this.
  15. Transmaniacon
    Thanks for the information.  I just purchased my first set of headphones, the Sony MDR 7506, and was looking for a USB DAC only, as I am not sure these would benefit much from an amp.
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