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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. LarryKingsShoes
    I have no experience with them but FiiO has a couple of DACs that are under $100 (by quite a bit, actually). The D03K and D07 both accept optical input. I can't comment on how good they are but they may be worth looking at if your budget is tight.

    On a personal note, I am starting to get anxious about my Magni. I ordered on Sunday and the status is still stuck at 'accepted'. I hope that if there were a problem with the order, someone would contact me about it. I've got a slight case of cabin fever right now so I have little else to do but think about finally getting to try my HE-400s amped with something other than my laptop or phone. I haven't even had a chance to grab my E07K from my parents' house so I'm really feeling the itch for amplification.

    Update: the Magni is now listed as being in production with a 10 day delay. So much for the 1-3 business day estimate that was there all week. :rolleyes:
  2. Bananaheadlin
    As the new Asgard 2 starts rolling in, cant wait to see people's impressions of how their new improved sound quality compares to the Magni's!
  3. LarryKingsShoes
    Definitely. I'm tempted to cancel my Magni order and get in line for the Asgard 2. If I have to wait this long for an amp, it may add well be for the fancy new addition. A few comparisons may be able to push me over the edge.


    I emailed them to cancel my order and got a confirmation of cancellation within 2 minutes. Holy crud, these guys are fast. I've been hearing about how good Schiit handles their customers' concerns and this just drives the point home for me. It makes me feel like I'd be in good hands as one of their customers.
  4. wes008
    They have fantastic customer service, except when it comes to updating the ship time on a product page [​IMG]
  5. Kamakahah
    Other than additional functionality (if you need/want it), I'm not sure it would be much of an upgrade sound wise over the Magni. A better DAC on the other hand would be a worthwhile choice. I am also constantly tempted by the new shiny stuff.
  6. LarryKingsShoes
    Haha, it would appear so. I've gotten over that, though. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there isn't a sudden extension in Asgard 2 shipping delays now that I have an order in. [​IMG]
    I'm definitely interested in the preamp outputs that the Asgard 2 offers so that played a role in the decision. I wasn't really interested in the original Asgard but the Asgard 2 announcement caught my attention. I'm excited to have the option of keeping the Asgard 2 connected to my Dayton APA150/Def Tech SM65s and just connecting my sources to the headphone amp. I hate getting down to hook different sources to the Dayton and I don't want to keep it running whenever I'm using my headphones. The convenience of it all really makes the extra $160 a little bit easier to swallow.
    A DAC is definitely next on my list of things to acquire. The Magni was very appealing because the matching DAC is so affordable. I'm not a huge fan of the idea of spending $450 on a Bifrost with USB but I will be slowly saving money in hopes of finding a used one in the classifieds. In the meantime, I've got the FiiO E07K to let me bypass my laptop sound card.
    I definitely don't doubt the competence of the Magni and Modi, I just weighed the pros and cons in my mind and decided to jump on the opportunity to move up the product line. I like what I've been reading about both amps and would proudly use either of them.
    On a side note, I checked your profile to see if you had the Modi or Bitfrost and saw that you play bass. I also experiment with the low end. It's nice to run in to another player!
  7. rickster88
    Has anyone found they cannot rid the Magni of static interference? I'm using a Magni/Modi combo with the HE-400s and I'm running out of ideas. I'm using thick interconnect cables from monoprice, a brand new USB cable for the Modi, and the provided wallwart with the Magni. I put two ferrite cores from radioshack on the power cable for the Magni. There is always some form of static that becomes especially obvious with bassy/punchy notes. I have tried plugging the wallwart into different outlets/surge protectors. It is currently plugged directly into the wall. I really want to love these things but the static is a dealbreaker for me unless I can find a way to get rid of it. 
  8. Defiant00

    You're the first person I've heard with this issue.

    Just to see if it might be related to the wiring in your house in general I'd try taking it somewhere else (work, a friend's house, etc.) to verify, but it sounds like it might be defective.
  9. tdockweiler

    I get bass crackling and static like noises with my DJ100 (38ohm) and Magni. It only seems to occur if I put the volume too high on the amp (it's high, but not loud!). If I turn it down it's gone I think. It only seems to occur when I hear bass. It doesn't occur on any other amp. It's not the source.
    I switched my TBSE's (DJ100 with detachable cable) cable to one that's better shielded and thicker and it went away. I can re-create the issue with Monoprice cables and my Cardas HP1. The Cardas has good shielding so this is bizarre.
    I also get lots of static from my DJ100 if it's turned up too loud if no music is playing. At one point it felt like I was turning channels on a radio when turning the volume. What makes ZERO sense is that it goes away with a thicker cable on my HEADPHONE. What the heck? Again, not the headphone since it's fine on other amps/sources.
    I put a ferrite core/clamp on my power cable and haven't heard it since, but I'm sure I could create this again.
    BTW the crackling occurs in the song "Aiya" from the Yoshida Brothers. I think that was it.
    It seems like the Magni needs VERY well shielded cables that are pretty thick. No idea why..
    I bought a Livewire brand cable from Guitar Center and it's unusable with my DJ100 because I get tons of static like noises, but only when used as a headphone cable. Doesn't occur on any other amps/sources, just the Magni. I tried a Monoprice Thick one and it's dead silent. Same with a cheapy RCA brand 3.5mm cable. The cheaper portable Monoprice cables have worse shielding than the thicker versions. My Mogami cables are also dead silent too.
  10. RonD2
    I had the static problem for a while. It's cured so have faith. I tried everything. I put the amp (Magni) on a separate power strip from the computer (same circuit), replaced a long, cheap USB printer cable with a short $25 audio quest, moved the Modi away from computer and ext hard drives, used aUSB 3 port (Mac mini) and probably a few other things that I can't remember. Haven't had the problem in over a month.

    Btw, the static I'm talking about was intermittent and would usually come when there was a sudden increase in volume. I think the very dry, cold air of winter exacerbates the problem. At times, I thought touching (grounding) the Modi would help.

    Good luck. I know your frustration!
  11. ninjames
    Have you tried the setup with a different computer, or different USB ports on the computer? Perhaps on the other side of the computer, or away from other things? I get noise out of my USB 3.0 ports on the left side of my laptop with wireless receivers, HDMI and power cord plugged in. On the other side, I have a lone USB 2.0 port and have never had any noise from it. Switching ports fixed my issues entirely.
    I also disagree with the above post that suggests the Magni needs heavy, shielded cables. That doesn't really make sense.
  12. Traum
    I have the M&M stack (plus the PYST cables), and have run into a similar problem before. In my cases, however, I have identified that the problem was caused by noise from the USB connection (most likely coming from the PC?) to the Modi (DAC).

    With a regular USB A-to-B cable, I am repeatedly getting static pops and stuff at random intervals. Sometimes there is only a pop or two; other times they come in a series. But when I replaced the regular cable with one that has a ferrite bead at each end, the problem immediately went away. I have subsequently replaced the dual ferrite bead USB cable with one that only has a single smaller ferrite bead, and the music is still noise-free. Re-using a regular USB cable, however, re-introduces the noise.
  13. ruleof72
    Magni On The Way-DAC and Cable Suggestions Invited
    I just placed my order for a Magni, now the wait begins. I'll be using it to power my living room, Squeezebox-based, system.
    I'm still searching for a budget DAC to use with this amp although I can get by with the Squeezebox's internal DAC for the time being. I need a DAC that has optical inputs instead of USB.  I'd love to pick up a Bifrost but that's not going to happen any time soon. The budget is pretty low right now after the amp purchase and pending headphone (probably Mad Dogs) buy, so any help would be great.
    I'm also considering getting some higher quality, short, RCA cables. I almost ordered the PSYT set from Schiit but held off on that until I did a bit more research. Any suggestions? Now I see that some of you are having static issues. Is that the cables or maybe the USB connection? I won't be using USB on this setup so hopefully that makes a difference.
    I'm really looking forward to this amp and will post my impressions when I've had a chance to give it a proper listen.
  14. ninjames
    Static issues almost certainly have nothing to do with the cables. Rather, there is no "preference" for the Magni in regards to the types of cable. I personally use the LC-1 RCA interconnect from Blue Jeans Cable (one foot works fine). Like the PYST cables, I have to have a zip tie around them, but they're super high quality and not overpriced.
  15. tdockweiler
    Definitely have to disagree. It's not so much just static but lots of noise with poorly shielded cables.
    As long as you have good shielding you have nothing to worry about. Most cables won't be a problem at least.
    Some cables have awful shielding. The Guitar Center Livewire cheap cables and the Monoprice thin ones are awful.
    The RCA/GE ones at any Wal-Mart are surprisingly good.
    If you get Monoprice cables, get the thicker ones which are like 98% plastic.
    Also..there can be different types of static/hissing and popping sounds. If you get screeching/hissing/static/popping/cut-outs from your DAC it's due to a crappy USB port. When I used my HRT MSII I often got sound popping and screeching when connected straight to my laptops USB ports. I don't think it's due to a lack of power but just a horrible USB port. Sometimes switching ports works, but not always.
    I can't use my ODAC or my old HRT MSII without a powered USB hub. I will never use a USB cable with a ferrite bead. I really think my laptop's USB ports are garbage. Even the ones on my custom built computer are awful.
    I do however use a Ferrite on my Magni..not sure if this helps, but can't hurt.
    Oh and I wonder if the Modi already has a ferrite bead inside?
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