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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Defiant00
    K1000, which was fun to try, and I can't recall where I had the volume control when I tried it with the HE-6 but I'm sure it was up there.
  2. wes008
    As to not talking about it, yes, it's 'cause we're listening to it! I just bought a Modi to complete the stack :) but they're on backorder :frowning2:
  3. sunseeker888
    Right on ! Last night, late, I spun for the first time a copy of Berlioz-Harold In Italy on Columbia stereo LP.. It took fifty years before my copy got a listen, and it was worth the wait :) Although some of those '60s Columbia pressings were miked oddly.
    It certainly seems that this amplifier requires a very good source--a hallmark of high-end amplification.
  4. LarryKingsShoes
    You're turning me green with envy. I have a new stack of LPs to flip through but my turntable is at my apartment and I'm at my parents' house for the weekend. It's snowy as heck so a hot cocoa and Bailey's to accompany some Dave Brubeck or Van Morisson sounds mighty cozy right about now. I'm not familiar with the album you're talking about but I bet it's tasty.
  5. LugBug1
    +1 on the Magni with the LCD2's. Great match.
  6. April2Ari
    Does anyone have feedback for how the Magni + Modi does with Senn HD598's? Or how the stack does with any Senn models? Trying to figure out the best route to go and I am not quite sure...
  7. tostaylo
    Would anyone know if I'd benefit by replacing a Fiio E6 with a Magni to pair with a Ultrasone Pro 900?
  8. willmax

    Most definitely.
  9. tostaylo
    Thank you, but more specifically what would be enhanced?  I feel the volume from my Mac into the E6 is more than I ever need with the Pro 900's and I tend to listen pretty loud. Other than the Magni looking nicer and more solidly built what could I expect in the difference in sound quality between the two amps?  Does it pair well with the 900? 
  10. fihidelity
    What sort of transformer do you need to use it in the UK?
  11. Defiant00

    The Magni is very neutral, so the question is whether your source (your Mac in this case) pairs well with the 900. If you already like that sound combination then the Magni will get you likely cleaner and clearer amplification compared to the E6. You may also find that the E6 is actually adding distortion that, without a cleaner amp to compare against, you were unaware of (no guarantees of any sort mind you, but it's the sort of differences I'd most expect to hear).
  12. tostaylo
    To be honest, I like the EQ setting of the mid-range boost on the E6 rather than it's neutral setting.  So I guess with the Ultrasones I like to boost the mid range a little.  If the Magni is that neutral it may not be to my liking.  Would the 900's still benefit from more power?  What amps are out there outside of Fiio products (nothing against Fiio) that would provide more power and adjustable EQ settings?
  13. tdockweiler
    Why are 100% transparent amps always labeled as cold, bright and analytical?
    It's rather amusing. I mean how can an amp sound bright when it measures flat?
    Sounds like it's the music or DAC that's bright and not the amp. Or maybe the Magni is so transparent that it's the Modi itself that's kind of bright? Highly unlikely.
    Amps to me remind me of headphone cables (the capacitance). Yeah, i'm weird. Ultra low capacitance cable always sounds "cold and analytical", but yet it measures the same too.
    How does an amp sound warm or cold despite measuring ruler flat? Not talking about distortion.
    I think I need to do my research, but it's interesting..
    In a related note, my Ipod Touch 2G also sounds bright with edgy treble, but measures flat..
    Sorry, I'm bored.
    Love the Magni though! Listening to it now with my HD-598. It's a bit scary considering it needs to be at like 5% volume.
  14. Kamakahah
    I posted this in the discovery thread about a week back, but I thought I'd mention it here. I have a pair of the monoprice 9927 iems and I was putting some time on them and messing around with different tips, etc. Until I decide on a new portable player, I was just running these out of my galaxy s2. So I decided to plug them into my magni/modi setup for the lawlz since someone had mentioned that they noticed a benefit from a little extra power. It was startling how much the better dac and some juice made them sound. Sure they are 8$ iems and don't compare with even the mid-range iems, but the magni really put some new life into their sound.
  15. Aaron94
    Can anywhere here tell me if the upgrade from Magni/Modi to lets say Asgard 2/Bifrost worth it? I plan to get a Schiit stack along with some ~$400-$600 headphones this summer and I cant decide if I should just go the extra mile for the Asgard 2 and Bifrost or start small with Magni and Modi.
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