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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Steve Eddy
    I know. Just messin' with ya. I might have done the same thing if I'd have read the same thing written by someone else.
    Thanks for keeping me on my toes!
  2. xezi
    Magni $99
    Modi $99
    Cheapest shipping to my address $60
    over $50: $210
    tax (100%): $210
    grand total: $260+$210 = $470
  3. willmax

    Yep,my magni is happy now.
    That's why I wanted to check with you guys first. I'm currently using one that is rated at 13-14VAC 1.2A which outputs 15.9 unloaded.
    I also have another one rated at 15VAC 500mA which outputs 17.9 unloaded which I was a bit afraid to plug in the Magni - I might give it a try a bit later on.
  4. LugBug1
    Someone in US gonna send xezi an M&M ? come on guys I'm sure he'll give you an extra $50 - for doing so..
    mmmm... ?
  5. Iamnothim
    This has me thinking.
    Gotta take the lipstick off the pig.  I'm sure the customs guys have seen it all.
    Natch we ditch all the Schiit packing materials.
    No need for the power supply because they won't work there.  (That might help the inspection.)
    Then I go to the local surf shops and get a bunch of stickers.  Nick them up a bunch.
    Put them on the M&M.  Package it with stuff that looks like you are moving.  Socks, junk.
    Once they get there you'll need the Brazilian version of Goo Gone.
  6. xezi
    lol... cool stuff... :)
  7. xezi
    seriously, people at Schiit should charge for faq reading...
    i've laughed hard with 'about Asgard 2', for example... 
    it was kinda the typical jokes we used to tell in our
    engineering classes too... oh man... these people know
    how to have fun... 
  8. bubbagrump777
    Hey guys....so I'm kind of new here (actually VERY new, haha), but just I have a question about the Magni and Modi: are they both amplifiers, or is one an amp and the other one a DAC?
  9. Iamnothim
    Modi = DAC
    Magni = AMP
  10. DefQon
    Magnum = Dac
    Modium = Amp. 
  11. xezi
  12. fmuller
    xezi (and any other Brazilians following this thread),
    I am from Brazil as well and bought the M&M stack. I was taxed with 60% over the total (products plus shipping). So in your case the total should be: 260 + 156 = US$416. Pretty hard to be an audiophile in Brazil...
    I must say I was also afraid of being taxed with about 100%, due to state taxes (ICMS). But, in my state (Para), I was not charged. Maybe they are not charging ICMS in any state now. I could not confirm, I just gave it a shot and bought it. About the "over $50" thing, I am pretty sure it does not work like that. The whole value of the invoice is taxed, including shipping. They can even tax goods below US$50, unless it is a gift.
    Just so you know, I ordered using Priority mail, the cheapest method Schiit uses, and it took 20 days to arrive in my city. Everything was perfectly packaged, it wasn't open by customs.
  13. xezi
    that math was to give a rough idea. I've paid less, I've paid more than that.
    maybe we could agree that both amounts are a bit far away from... say... fair taxing.
    but that's another story... I don't mean to detour from topic.
    happy with them? :)
  14. fmuller
    Yeah, good idea to stay on topic :)
    Very happy with them! I have an HD 598, an HD 25-1 II and an SR-80i, so Magni is a bit overkill in terms of power for these headphones. But I must say I was lucky enough to get a pot that shows channel imbalance that is gone before 8 o'clock. And it is great to have power available! I can go as far as 12 o'clock with some quiet classical tracks.
    I didn't perform any extensive comparison, but I felt M&M is a big improvement coming from a Nuforce uDAC-2. Some people say the HD 598 does not improve much with an amplifier, but I hear more details with M&M than with the uDAC. Bass feels tighter too. Maybe it is the DAC, but I think the major difference here is the amp.
  15. xezi
    There is some bias around asynchronous USB audio mode behaving/sounding better than sync one.
    Maybe that could count as a 1st improvement coming from udac-2 to Modi.
    You use it primarily with computer/notebook systems? FLACs/ALACs, 320k mp3, what do you hear the most with MMs?
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