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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. antikryst
    just ordered the MM stack! cant wait. 
    anyone tried these with SE425s or SRH940s? these 2 are what i have now and i cant wait to hear how different they would sound to my current e17. the MM stack should be with me in 3 weeks still sad to say since im importing them and just having a friend bring them over to me.
    should also be upgrading to HE-500s or SRH1840s come christmas! exciting!
  2. h.rav

    Could it be the potentiometer?
  3. Defiant00
    Not sure what you mean with RCA -> USB; you'll need to hook up an analog source to the Magni through its RCA inputs, so you'll need either a DAC if using a computer or a headphone jack to RCA cable.
    I did not have the M&M at the same time as the Leckerton, but I have owned both. As an amp the Magni is a good bit more powerful, and both have very low noise floors. As a DAC over USB the Modi should be a good bit better. I never had any complaint with the Leckerton's USB implementation, but others have reported that it's the weakest part of the UHA-6S.MKII. Alternately, if your computer has optical out then I'd recommend using that with the Leckerton, at which point it quite possibly will be as good or better than the Modi.
    Sorry I can't go more specific, but unfortunately I didn't have them at the same time (or with the same cans).
  4. ChainRazer

    Hmm... I'm leaning towards the Leckerton at the moment.
    But I think it's fine as long as it can drives the HD650 and the K702
    and yes, I do have optical output in my desktop
  5. Defiant00
    It should be able to drive them to reasonable levels; you may want to also post in the Leckerton thread to get others' opinions as well though :)
  6. ChainRazer

    I'll do that too :)
    Thanks for your input though.
  7. metaldood
    I received my Magni today. I have the same scratchy sound from the pot. The scratchy sound is from around 10 to 5 in the right channel. I tried different power outets but that did not help. I have DT990 premium headphones. I also tried turning the pot 3-4 times all the way from left to right (with power off) . Still the scratching sound is there.
    Any more suggestions? I don't want to replace the cable just for this as I have used the headphones for about a year with great care. I am not using an extension cable btw.
    Edit- I also moved it away from Speakers, desktop amp, laptop computer but no change in scratching. 
    Maybe it's a bad batch? I saw couple of posts on the internet regarding scratchy sound.
  8. tdockweiler
    Have you tried a better shielded interconnect cable or a surge protector with filtering?
    I had the Magni and I got interference with my Tony Bennett headphone due to the headphone cable being poorly shielded. What the heck?!
    Radioshack cables seem to have good shielding and so do the Monoprice thick cables.
    Mogami for me seems to have the best and that's why I like it.
  9. metaldood
    I tried with a Belkin surge protector and other wall outlets across the apartment.
    I tried standalone Magni with just the power and headphone and did not connect any DAC or Computer.
    I tried moving "away" from cellphone and wifi router, although they are already in the other room.
    I have to use a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter as the DT990 originally are 3.5mm.  That adapter came with headphones.
    http://www.amazon.com/3-5mm-Stereo-Jack-Plug-Adapter/dp/B0002ZPFD0 similar to this.
  10. rhodan818
    This is my first full size amp, and I found it too loud with my q701 with the 3 meter cable, I could barely get past 9 o'clock without it being too loud.. On a lark I tried the 6 meter cable and it sound fantastic, I have a lot more control on a lower listening level. I can go to 11 o'clock before it becomes unbearable.

    Is this a normal feature of the longer cable? I guess it has more resistance. I ordered a 75 ohm resistor adapter, but won't really be needing it with this can anymore, but hopefully will make my other cans usable.
  11. UmustBKidn
    Personally I've never had a cable make that much difference in the output. Then again I haven't tried a bunch of them either. But I'd sooner believe one of those cables has a problem. Which one, is an interesting question. I guess those cans come with two cables, apparently the longer one works better for you. I don't know if there's an AKG forum for those cans, but if so, maybe you can ask someone in that forum if their 3 meter cables do something similar.
    Those cans are ~62 ohms. My Sony MDR 7506's are about the same impedance, and I have no issues running mine on the Magni. I also didn't raise the volume over 11 o'clock or so, but honestly I'm not sure why that'd be an issue. As long as you can find something you enjoy within the working range of the device, I'd call that acceptable.
  12. UmustBKidn
    Well, I'm personally curious why some think that scratchy sounds from a volume control could be related to anything other than a bad volume control. Be that as it may, I would call or email Jason at Schiit and tell him you've got a bad volume pot. I'd bet he would arrange for a replacement unit immediately.
    It's not uncommon for even the best of components to go bad now and then, even when the item is brand new. It is kind of rare, but it happens.
  13. vl4dimir
  14. rhodan818
    I bought a 75ohm resistor adapter for the same effect. Will post results when i get it. 
  15. vl4dimir
    Seems a very good choice . Can you give a link where I can buy one ?
    Don't hesitate to tell about the sound quality when you'll have it :)
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