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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. MPBateman
    The fiio e10 has very little hiss when I'm using in ears, so I can always switch them.
  2. kimvictor
    Sounds fine than.
  3. MPBateman
    Don't mean to be "that" guy but if the Schiit FAQ of the Magni says IEMs are no problem, but owners are saying no way, should I not second guess all of their claims then? I truly want to like these but marketing can do wonders for a sub-par product...look at Head-fi's bane, Beats. If it's a trade off to be able to run orthos and planar headphones fine, but I would prefer to know that, not get the product and be disappointed about its compatibility with my headphones (which Schiit says is all headphones.) So if someone could shed some digital light on this I would be very appreciative.
  4. Jason Stoddard
    I think we're very clear--and not over-selling Magni's capabilities with IEMs. Direct from the FAQ:
    And IEMs too?
    Yes. Magni’s noise floor is low enough for most of them, though Magni’s gain of 5 (necessary for orthos and high-impedance headphones) might mean you have to use software volume control to get a good range of adjustment on the volume pot.
    Note this does not say *all* IEMs. Note that it does have the proper caveat for gain. 
    We use Magni with Grado GR10 (116dB) and have no problem with hiss--whereas the GR10s plugged into, say, a Macbook headphone output hiss like crazy.
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  5. MPBateman
    Who better to comment, eh? Alright so Multi driver BA IEMs might not be the best pair with the little Magni, but the fact it's also able to drive orthos is an understandable tradeoff especially at that price. I'm sure multiple head-fiers have chipped in their idea of an alternately tuned Magni for IEMs as the market for in ears has jumped in the past couple of months. Or just a Magni with a gain switch for a little more cash, perhaps a similarly priced tube amp coming up? Back on topic, is the Magni's strong point pushing hard to drive headphones well, or making lower impedance cans sound great? And another thing, if the Magni looked the same and all it did was shoot confetti into the air for me to pick up later, I would still pay the same price.
  6. kimvictor
    Magni is fine with certain iems, but it's limited. I've had a dual BA that worked fine, but most of my other iems didn't work out. 
  7. fihidelity
    My Magni works fine with most IEMs though the majority of them don't really benefit from that amplification. I have however noticed the channel imbalance when listening to IEMs so it's by no means perfect.
  8. Defiant00
    I know someone tried their Heir Audio 4.As with my M&M setup at the Charlotte meet. I believe we turned the volume down in Windows to about 10% to get a reasonable range on the Magni's volume control. He didn't say anything about hiss, so yeah, presumably the noise floor is low enough if you don't mind digitally attenuating.
  9. ab initio
    Windows volume control at 10% is -35dB. As discussed in this [thread], you are in fine shape at that attenuation level with a Modi+Magni combo and using Modi's 24bit output.
    That said, I think everybody in that thread agrees that the Magni---with 5x gain---is not the optimal choice for IEMs. I think the [Schiit product description] makes it very clear that IEMs lie at one extreme of Magni's operational envelope:
  10. Audiolic
    I got the magni too and when i move the volume knob there is some weird sound going on.. and when i move the quarter inch jack i have some glitch in the headphones (bad solder joint) i guess.
    after 12 oclock it start to become noisy...
    this is with mr speakers mad dogs headphones and gungnir dac
  11. ab initio

    There is a 2 year warrenty.....
  12. Skolar311
    Get it fixed. Don't just complain about it.
    And in your case you might have been unlucky, but low-quality crap? No.....
  13. kimvictor
    Schiit stuff isn't low quality. They have very respectable build and quality.
  14. Byronb
    Yeah "low quality crap"......Not so much! Sorry if you have a problem with your gear, but talk to Schiit they will stand behind their gear like very few companies you are likely to deal with. No need slamming them until you have exhausted the normal means of getting things corrected. Good Luck!
  15. MPBateman
    Anyone know of a mod-community behind the Magni?
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