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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Kinru

    I have the modi feeding the magni and I'm using MrSpeakers Mad Dogs. It does not matter what my software (Win7) volume is set at, I start hearing white noise right after it passes 12 on the knob. For music, this usually isn't a problem as I almost never get near 12, but for videos and movies I routinely have to turn it past 12 and the noise gets annoying. Should I contact schiit?
  2. ab initio

    Yes, i think you should definitely contact schiit. The t50rp derived 'phones are much less sensitive than say the hd280s. If you are only around 12 then you have unusually high noise in your system

  3. Kamakahah
    I'd try a different outlet and USB cable first. After that I would contact schiit.
  4. hodgjy
    Schiit's had some issues with the wall wart power supplies.  Might be an easy exchange of wall warts.
  5. Kamakahah

    That's also correct, good call. Definitely something worth exploring.
  6. PXSS
    I'm using my D2000s with my M&M stack out of my laptop and I also get the local country station when pot is maxxed out no matter what the volume is on my windows settings. I don't think its much of an issue since i can barely get past 10 on the pot when my volume is maxxed out everywhere else in my system.
    Has anyone had problems with the sound stuttering? I keep getting stuttering no matter which usb port of my laptop I use with Modi. This doesn't happen when I drive my headphones straight out of the audio jack =(
  7. fihidelity
    I get the interference at 6-9 o'clock even!
  8. Defiant00

    Never had any stuttering problems when I had mine.
  9. hodgjy
    Stuttering isn't a DAC problem.  It's a computer problem.  The computer can't handle the multitasking in its current configuration.
  10. PXSS
    It ended up being a bad driver and dcp latency problems.
    I wonder why it only affected sound when using modi though.
    Everything else was working great.
  11. Kamakahah

    Which driver was it for you?

    Did the latency go away when you updated it?
  12. MPBateman
    Getting pretty interested in upgrading to the Magni amp, would be coming from a Fiio E10. Has anyone here used a Fiio E10 as a DAC for the Magni? and If so would I use the coaxial or line out to connect to the Magni?
  13. kimvictor
    I haven't used E10, but you would use line out to connect to Magni.
  14. MPBateman
    Great, anyone know of a good online seller for miniplug to RCA adapters?
  15. kimvictor
    Monoprice has decent mini to RCA cable. Very cheap and durable. I like them better than $15 radioshack cable.
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