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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Skolar311
    Yes, you should. The Modi is an excellent DAC and the Magni puts out much more power than the E10.
  2. Skolar311
    What does this mean? Are you implying a placebo effect?
    The M/M stack should perform much better than the E10 in all regards.
  3. wafflezz
    Is it normal to hear a "click" sound when powering up the magni?
    Also, if the headphones are plugged in I hear a "pop" noise. I've kinda learned not to plug them in when powering on and off the amp.
    Is this still normal or do I have a defective unit? or is this just a bad design?
  4. TMRaven
    That's what a protective relay sounds like.  It's a delayed click 5-10 seconds after the amp is powered on.
  5. Tier One
    I just received the magni in the mail today, and I am currently using a gamax audio mini dac. I don't know much about the dac itself, its a 24/192 dac that I am using usb from my laptop then rca to the magni of course.
    Would I get a great benefit out of purchasing the modi to go along with it and replace the gamax?
    Here is a product page that has a little more info on that dac, it's not where I bought it from but there seems to be some stats on there.
  6. Skolar311
    This. It's perfectly safe and means your Magni is working properly. You may hear worse things if the relay wasn't there.
  7. Skolar311
    I don't think you included the product page. I'm not really sure of the answer to your question but my guess would be that you would notice little difference as long as it supports 24/192. Although the Modi was obviously designed to work best with the Magni.
    But still, I'm guessing you would hear little difference. DAC's for the most part are all just DAC's....mostly nothing special. What makes them different is how well the component is built around the DAC. All I know is that Schiit is top quality stuff and really under-priced. You'd really have to do a side-by-side....
  8. Tier One
    Yeah thanks for that haha, my mistake, I only got it for $30 dollars at the time, the reason I ask is that the Magni doesn't seem to be as clear as everyone else says it is. I thought maybe my dac was to blame. I know usb isn't the absoulte best either but I think I'm catching more interference that usual, maybe a little more burn in would help, I only have about 3 hours through it so far.
  9. Skolar311
    Quite possibly you should let it burn in. Not sure if it's your DAC or not that's causing the "non-clearness" :). My Magni sounds really, really good even through my IDT HD Integrated Audio, but sounds a little better with the Modi. The Modi is USB too, btw.
  10. Saleri
    are you talking to me?
  11. Skolar311
    Also, some people say they hear interference when running off a power-strip/surge protector, so maybe try plugging it directly into the wall?
    Honestly, I think this is BS....I have mine going through a power-strip to an extension cord to another power-strip with no interference at all. But it's worth a shot maybe.
  12. Tier One
    Thanks for the input, I have heard that too so I plugged it into the wall from the beginning. I guess Ill just keep burning it in, do you or anyone else have a recommendation on how long I should burn it in for?
  13. Skolar311

    Not gonna lie, mine sounded great right out of the box.
    Can you clarify what you mean "not clear"? I find the Magni to be VERY transparent for it's price. You could also try some other sources, maybe your phone or tablet if you have one.
  14. Tier One
    I was playing 24bit vinyl rips off my laptop and I was noticing a lot of background hissing and other noises even at high volumes, also the soundstage seemed to be a lot more confined (on dt770s). Things seem to be smoothing out now however, maybe I'm crazy but there isn't anymore background noise. I have also noticed the lower bass seems to be pretty tight and under control now. I had a few tracks where the really deep bass would make some parts of the drivers or maybe that film over them (don't know the term for it haha.) rattle to a point where I wouldn't listen to those songs anymore. Now that is no longer a problem at all.
    I would try my phone but I don't have anything at the moment to hook it up with that dac.
  15. wafflezz
    Ok. That's a relief. Thanks for the responses guys! I'm still going to leave them unplugged when powering on and off just because the sound really scares me. It's not loud or damaging in any way but it is a sharp staticy kind of noise. Everyone always said that your hearing would get damaged long before your equipment but this has definitely made me think twice lol. Glad to hear it's no big concern
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